NEW: Female Health and Mindset Community

I wanted to let you know about my NEW female health and mindset community on Facebook which is now open!

It’s a place I want to inspire women to think differently about their health and lives.


And will cover these 5 main areas:

🦩 Food Management

🦩 Female Health

🦩 Mindset

🦩 Fitness Motivation

🦩 Stress Management

As a health and mindset coach with over 15 years experience of working with women, I want to help women achieve the body, health and life they want. And I want to encourage them to take command of their thoughts, time, choices boundaries and actions as well as challenge the main stream way of thinking and being, which is failing so many women on so many levels.


This group will be packed full of resources, tips, advice and inspiration so women can:

🦩 Create food freedom and effortless food management.

🦩 Overcome controlled eating, over eating and emotional eating

🦩 Become motivated to exercise and look after their bodies

🦩 Know how to manage their minds

🦩 Form a positive relationship with themselves mentally and physically

🦩 Learn the power of consistency

🦩 Switch up stress (because stress is a choice!)

🦩 Design their own amazing and authentic life

🦩 Not worry what others think

🦩 Deal with plot twists

🦩 Be on their own side

🦩 And most of all be SUPPORTED


I’ve built my online business over the last 10 years around a really special community of women in my closed Facebook groups that go with my online programs. And this is going to be my community hub where you will be part of an amazing group of females, in a judgment free zone with me, without the need to sign up to any program 🙂

You do need to sign up for the Facebook group, which you can do so in the pink box below. This is because I also host a series of mini masterclasses and bonus content and you will be sure then to get a replay and be the first to know about any exclusive offers and content that is only available to this group.

I’m going to make this community a really special place to be, so look forward to seeing you in there!

Janey x



(By signing up you are agreeing that I can send you information about accessing this group and that you will be added to my mailing list where I will contact you from time to time with news, inspiration and offers . I do not share your email with any third party and your email is stored securely. You can unsubscribe from my emails at anytime. Please read my GDPR terms and conditions here)

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