Five week feel good focus, are you in?!

I know lots of people are feeling a bit flat, overwhelmed and exhausted right now. I mean the last few years have been a bit mental haven’t they?!
And the last few months; with all the changes going on, the current economic situation the way it is and what winter may bring, has been pretty unsettling for a lot of people.
Plus many women I work with are shattered from juggling, work, family, health, home (and often parents) and they fall to the bottom of the to do list and / or run out of time and energy for themselves.
What I love to do as a mindset and life management coach, is help women feel good about themselves and their lives. To create a positive focus through any challenge and chaos. To teach them how to think better so their life experience is more pleasant. And to encourage them to look after themselves more – and help THEM be stronger, both mentally and physically. What I love even more about my job, is bringing awesome women together! Who like to support other women and be supported back by them. Which means there’s an abundance of positive energy, inspiration and camaraderie that’s contagious!
SO… How about we lock in together and create some self-dedication to end this year feeling good, no matter what?! 
I believe that we all have a choice ladies!
We can rattle through this last part of the year feeling out of control, struggling mentally, dreading winter, feeling low, letting goals, self-care and intentions slip.
OR… We can take command of the last part of the year and do something positive and empowering for ourselves.
So, I’ve decided to put together a FIVE WEEKS TO FEELING GOOD FOCUS! 
It’s going to run from Monday 31st October to Friday 2nd December – with a five week pop up Facebook group – but it doesn’t matter if you don’t start on 31st October, join us anytime during this five week period and let’s get you feeling good before the end of the year!
Either purchase one of the short, feel good programs below to access this group (or if you’ve already purchased any of these, you will automatically be emailed the details of how to join). And if you’re on a full 2022 BEST membership, it’s free to come into this FEEL GOOD group.
30 days to a high vibe life –  Is the perfect mood, mojo and mind booster to lift your spirits and change the way you see yourself and your life! 30 x 5-8 minute audios into your inbox every day – just £49! Guaranteed to help you be happier with a higher vibe in a month – sign up / details HERE
I’ve got the POWER –  Is the ultimate 40 day motivation boosting program, to help you make something amazing happen before Christmas season hits! 40 x 15 minute audios into your inbox daily and stacks of bonus content too – just £79! These audios have been described as “Green juice for the brain!” – sign up / details HERE
RISE –  If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, work through the five rut to RISE steps to help you get out of your current reality! 6 audios and a self-coaching ebook to work through – just £49! This program was put together as I found myself in a total rut and my usually methods to lift me weren’t working and I needed a different approach –  Sign up / details HERE
One of my 28 day food/fitness bootcamps –  If you’re wanting an end of year health focus, you can choose from the Tummy ATTACK, SELF-CARE or Best Body Bootcamp – 28 days of online fitness videos, eating plans and daily inspirational emails and audios – just £29.99
Tummy ATTACK Bootcamp – sign up / details HERE
SELF-CARE Bootcamp – sign up / details HERE
Best Body Bootcamp – sign up / details HERE
All these programs above are part of my “Give and Gift it ON”  – which means when you purchase one of these – I donate money to Women’s Aid via Work for Good.  AND you get a 100% discount code to give to another woman of your choice as a gift, or, as many women do, split the cost of one program between you both. Full details of Give and Gift it on can be found HERE
If you don’t want to do one of the above programs but would like to be part of the FIVE WEEK FEEL GOOD FOCUS, you can pay just £19.99 to have access to the Facebook group – CLICK HERE to purchase your feel good pass! You can be part of the FEEL GOOD GANG and focus on whatever you’d like to!
I will be in there daily sharing tips and what I’m up to on my feel good mission! And when you join the FB group there will be a welcome video explaining what I’m going to be focusing on. Including my end of year goals that I want to achieve, the roadblocks I have (but how I’m going to push through them!) and lots of tips to help you get stuck into YOUR feel good focus and end the year with a bang!
And everyone on this Feel Good mission can post what they are doing, so there is stacks of feel good energy and as always amazing camaraderie to lift us all!
Tell your friends, get involved and let’s be a group of women who end this year on a high!
Any questions let me know,
Janey x 
PS – If you’d like some weekly mindset tips, don’t forget to sign up to my Sunday Set Up newsletter! Out every Sunday morning at 7am UK time with quick tips and inspiration to help you have a great week ahead – CLICK HERE to find out more and subscribe!

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