Focus before the festive fun ME mission!

How about putting a positive focus on YOU before the festive fun?

It’s this time of year that women can often write the year off. So this blog is packed full of quick tips to inspire you to do the OPPOSITE! And really utilise the last couple of months of 2023 to benefit YOU!

Because a little bit of focus (for whatever you need!) before the festive fun really can go a long, long way!

As part of the 50 hour ME Project, I want to inspire as many women as possible to create more time for them. And do more that enhances their happiness and well being.

And myself and lots of my clients are locking into a 6 week end of year positive ME mission starting Monday 6th November – and we’d love you to join us!

Here’s 6 tips to help you get stuck into something beneficial NOW! And underneath a couple of really cool mini programs of mine to help you end 2023 on a high!

What makes you think you’ll feel more like doing something in January?
As human beings, we are not very good at predicting how we will feel in the future. It is a known human brain bias; which means we wrongly predict how something will feel when doing something later on. This is why when we procrastinate but finally get it done, we say things like “That wasn’t half as bad as I thought it was going to be!”. But also why we get stuck,  when our brains want to tempt us into delaying things. By listening to the “It will be easier, I will feel more motivated, I will be able to do it better etc.  ….when” voice. But it’s called false feeling prediction.  We actually convince ourselves that doing it later will be better. We even get a dopamine hit and feel good vibe from doing this! But we usually don’t feel better. So we avoid it again. And so the pattern repeats.  January can often be the WORSE time to get behind goals and make changes. And you probably know you won’t feel more like it then. So ask yourself this; WHY NOT NOW?!

Move away from extremes!
Yes this can be a busy time of year coming up, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make improvements in your life. Or put some positive focus on you! The all or nothing mindset, the I must do things at 100% or not bother, I must have the perfect conditions etc. is failing SO many! Instead consider what I call the ‘whilst’ mindset. I can be busy, whilst also finding time to exercise. I can prioritise my work, whilst also creating pockets of self-care. I can be social whilst still nourishing my body around it. I can reach an end of year goal that’s important to me whilst also enjoying the end of year vibe. HOW CAN YOU FIND A BALANCE IN THE MIDDLE SO YOU AREN’T WRITING IMPORTANT THINGS OFF?

Adjust your time mindset!
What I mean by this is 6 or 8 weeks at the start of a new year can seem like such a long time. This time of year, it can feel like it’s going to disappear – and fast! This is why it’s so important to consider your weekly non-negotiables, plan your time better, look at creating your optimum week (useful all year round but especially in the run up to Christmas!). Own your yes / no choices (when you say yes to something, you’re indirectly saying no to something else), remind yourself that so much can be accomplished with the right approach. And make time for what is important to you. Stop wasting time too! Most people say they have no time but they waste so much of it! Decide the time you’re going to dedicate to an end of year goal or project. I.e. 50 hours of exercise or 20 hours of decluttering. Or 10 hours of business mindset boosting. And bloody well schedule it into your diary! A great mindset switch is INSTEAD OF SAYING I DON’T HAVE TIME, REPLACE I’M NOT MAKING THIS A PRIORITY RIGHT NOW and see if that changes anything! You DO have the time. You just have to CREATE it.

Be the boss of your vibe and choose what you focus on carefully!
Some of you might want to make something really brilliant or big happen. Something that requires some proper dedicated time, energy and attention. You might want or need that powerful motivational approach with a do, do, do and go, go, go mentality. If that works for you, FAB! But others might need a softer, lighter approach. Goals don’t have to be big, scary and time consuming. Small adjustments and changes can make such a big impact too. Don’t do anything you think you ‘should’ do. And if you can; make your end of year focus a glimmer project, rather than a trigger one – this means you make it expansive, enticing and inviting. Rather than an uphill struggle! Ask yourself IF I HAD 3 WISHES FOR THE END OF 2023, WHAT WOULD I WISH FOR? You may surprise yourself with what you come up with. Just remember that there IS a way to make this happen! Why not go get it?!

The future you technique!
This is where you take a moment to consider what the 15th of December or 1st January wants the now and today you to do. Think about the positive feelings you’ll have and the personal wins and breakthroughs you’ll be celebrating… IF you start now! The future version of us tends to be wiser and more mature. And she knows what she wants us to do. LISTEN TO THAT FUTURE VERSION OF YOU! You will 100% reap the rewards if you do!

Surround yourself by those on the same mission as you!
One thing I know from helping women for nearly 23 years now is that there is real power in working together towards a common goal! Or being around people who are determined to push through blocks and make things happen, even if their goal is different to yours. No one says slaying your goals or taking stepping stones needs to be isolating or hard work. Human beings are pack animals. We thrive and survive by being championed. And when women support women or when women are surrounded by women who inspire them, magic happens. Positive momentum and feeling that you’re not alone is often the missing piece of the puzzle.

If you’d like to end this year on a high, or feeling proud, or even relieved you put some time, energy and attention on YOU! Then there are a few ways I can help!

My FREE 50 hour ME Project!

My FREE 50 hour ME Project is a wonderful concept, designed to help women to more for them. You choose what you do, you start and end it when you like. You can choose one goal or mix and match it across different areas of your life that are important to you. You don’t need to do one of my programs to be part of it. And by signing up you have stacks of ME Project ideas and tips. AND… an optional Facebook group to be part of!

Here’s some of my programs to help you end 2023 with a beautiful bang!

These programs are BRILLIANT to help you end your year well. They are all on sale and all come with lifetime access!

The mindset programs are audio based! You can listen on the go if you want. There are optional coaching templates but these are optional and many women have got SO much from just listening to the audios alone. You see, you don’t even have to create any additional time. How cool is that?!

Mini mindset programs:

  • Need help with motivation?  I’ve got the POWER is for you! A 40 day program – with 40 x daily 15 minute audios to teach you just about everything you need to know about motivation and making great things happen! On sale –  £49
  • Fed up of being a procrastinator and want to kick it to the curb? The 21 day Procrastination Buster is what you need! 3 weeks (or 4 weeks if you take a week between week 2 and 3 to put together your procrastination list!) will challenge everything you know about procrastination and show you how to effortlessly leave procrastination in the past– 21 x 10-15 minute audios and super useful coaching templates – On sale – £49
  • Ready for a mood, mojo and life lift? 30 days to a high vibe life is perfect for you! 30 x 5-8 minute audios to help you feel good again –  Just £29

And if you’ve got a fitness goal, why not get stuck into one of my online food and fitness bootcamps?

Choose from Best Body, Tummy ATTACK, SELF-CARE, SugarHIIT or Busy Women’s bootcamps which are all 28 day programs. Just £29.99 each. Or £39.99 for all five here in my Online Fitness bundle!

Or my 10 mins a day bootcamp (which you can chop in half and do in 6 weeks if you prefer) – which is on sale at £39.

You can come into my free 50 hour ME project Facebook group with all these programs too.  And be alongside other women who are determined to do some magic this side of Christmas. And post progress, get positive accountability and ask questions!

Remember a LOT can change in a couple of months.

And I’d love to help you!

Come and join us!

Any questions, please let me know –

Janey x

PS – If you’re someone who has some really big changes that you want to make. Or, you are dealing with some challenging things behind the scenes and need support to get through them. Do check out my “Turn your life around in a year” experience which is open for 2024 bookings at the moment!

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