Food Freedom Challenge!

Food Freedom, optimum health and effortless food management for life were three things that I desperately wanted for myself, but seemed impossible to achieve not so long ago.  


I was an over eater, an emotional eater, or a very controlled eater (and often a combination of all three!)… so if you are these things too, but want to move away from them. And perhaps you’d really love to achieve food freedom, optimum health and effortless food management for life (for you and your family) – you’re in the right place!


I felt so trapped because I always thought about food, was confused about what to eat and deep down I hated the relationship I had with food. I didn’t have the body or vitality I wanted either. And I also kept sabotaging any progress – which often made me feel like I was going mad.  AND made me go against myself.


Why couldn’t I be more self-motivated? Follow through? Get the results I wanted. Be consistent. And feel free?


Well, little did I know the majority of my issues were actually about my programming!  Typically the thoughts, beliefs and mindset I held in my head – around the habits, choices and behaviours I had around food, eating, diets and bodies.


Thankfully by addressing all this, I now have total food freedom (which I’m also passing on to my three children) and so I’ve set up my 5 day food freedom challenge to teach you how you can have the same!


This challenge is like no other challenge I’ve run before either.  It is going to be packed full of things that you’ve never heard before around food management, health and mindset and you will be able to take SO much away from the challenge week.


There are also over £1000 of prizes to be won!


Prize 1: 24 hours of self-care! Bed, breakfast and dinner at a Harbour Hotel. Plus 3 hours coaching with me!

This can be taken in Sidmouth with 1:1 in person coaching or can be any Harbour Hotel in the UK. If the winner is outside the UK, a hotel equivalent will be chosen. And if a UK Harbour hotel is not convenient to you, a closer equivalent will be found for you. Coaching can be used at anytime and can be done on Zoom or over the phone.


Prize 2: A free place on my new life-changing health program that’s starting in October!

I’ll be sharing the details of this amazing program at the beginning of October but if you’re someone who wants food freedom, your optimum health and effortless food management for life, this program and prize is for you!


Prize 3: £100 Mindful Chef voucher

Mindful Chef have very kindly offered this fab prize which can be used on recipe delivery boxes, smoothies or frozen meals. If the prize winner is out of the UK, I will switch this out with an offer an hour’s coaching instead 🙂



Prize 4: A bouquet of flowers and a Vivaansie embroidered t-shirt

Nothing beats fresh flowers to brighten up your home and a beautiful Vivaansie t-shirt to give you something new to wear (check out @vivaansie on Instagram to see more photos!)




Prize 5: £30 Etsy voucher

I love supporting small businesses and I love Etsy, so I’ve added this prize as a way to have a little treat on me!



The challenge takes place between Monday 28th September and Friday 2nd October and the 15 minute videos are live each day at 1pm with a replay available.


DAY ONEWhat’s your food story past and present?

DAY TWOWhat do you want your future food (and health!) story to be for you (and your family)?

DAY THREE What is your WHY?

DAY FOURWhat’s stopping you?

DAY FIVEWhat are the solutions you need to achieve food freedom, optimum health and effortless food management for life?

Friday’s session also includes a Q&A session at the end.

And because I know women are really busy at the moment too, I’m going to make the daily videos a maximum of 15 minutes long.  And then there is a small (optional) challenge activity for you to go away and do each day.


It’s going to be AWESOME, INSPIRATIONAL and a LOT OF FUN! And I hope you’ll join me.


Sign up for the challenge below, and you will be sent joining instructions and have access to the pop up Facebook group on Friday 25th September.


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Isn’t it time you finally freed yourself from your unhelpful food trap?

I’m here to help you do just that 🙂

Janey x

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