FREE 28 day June food & fitness challenge!

Monday 1st June to  Sunday 28th June

Lots of my fab clients in my food and fitness motivation Facebook group are wanting to lock in with me for a 28 day focus this month and so if you’d like to join us you can, with this NEW 28 day food and fitness challenge!

This challenge can combine doing one of my 28 day bootcamps which are just £15 in the sale, OR you can follow my 5 workouts below and there are also a variety of food / lifestyle challenges to choose from.

You can do them alone if you want or EVEN BETTER, come and join our FREE food & fitness motivation group for extra motivation, inspiration, support and accountability – CLICK HERE to sign up! Or you get access with any one of my 28 day bootcamp purchases 🙂

In this group I will be sharing what I’m doing each day over the month, providing lots of little motivation videos throughout June AND there will be some amazing food & fitness Q and A audios and Zoom as well.

Read on to find out more!

1. Choose a 28 day bootcamp and get stuck in 

These are currently on sale from £99 to £15  – there are 5 different ones to choose from – CLICK HERE for full details & to purchase one, they are SO good and many women in my food & fitness group are starting one on Monday 1st June.


2.  Follow my new June fitness plan (see below) 

This is free and contains 5 x weights workouts plans that you can adapt in length and quantity depending on what you want to do!


Choose one of the following lifestyle challenges to focus on

  1. Vitality challenge
  2. Hydration challenge
  3. Nutrition challenge
  4. Sleep challenge
  5. Sugar Challenge
  6. Booze Challenge
  7. Caffeine Challenge
  8. Activity Challenge
  9. Positive mood challenge
  10. Go for it challenge

Or you can create your own challenge!

Remember to join the Facebook support group because the women in there are AMAZING and they really will (alongside me and my encouragement and support!) help you stick with it and push through to reach your goals!

You can also find the fitness workout demo videos in there as well as a little video explaining the food & fitness challenge 🙂

Find out more about the FB group and sign up HERE


June fitness plan

I have created 5 workouts for you to follow

Minimum per week – all 5 workouts done for 1 minute each for the 10 moves (50 minutes in total)

You can add in cardio around these, i.e. power walking, running, swimming etc

You can do one round a day two a day on rotation, or even 3 a day on rotation, see guidance below

You need hand weights 2, 3 or 4 kgs (or combo of weights)

These are some of the workouts I do myself and you can layer up, make them harder which I explain in the videos

Choose from

You can of course mix and match and make up your own timings and plans, but here are some suggestions!

  1. 30 seconds of each move per set for a 5 mins workout
  2. Go twice through for a 10 minute workout
  3. Do all 5 workouts with 30 seconds each move for a 25 minute workout
  4. Do 60 seconds of 1 set for a 10 minute workout
  5. Do all 5 workouts with 60 seconds for a 50 minute workout
  6. Choose 2 sections and do 30 seconds of each move for a 10 minute workout
  7. Choose 2 sections and do 60 seconds of each move for a 20 minute workout
  8. Choose 3 sections and do 30 seconds of each move for a 15 minute workout
  9. Choose 3 sections and do 60 seconds of each move for a 30 minute workout
  10. If 30 seconds per move is too little and 60 seconds too much, do 45 seconds of each move


You can download a free HIIT timer app so you can set the timings up (it beeps when you need to move on) and if you want to have a break in between each move you can.

Find some good tunes!

Either print this page for the June Challenge Summary, or print off the workout lists via my Powerpoint PDF attached at the bottom of the page!

There is a mini video for each workout in the Food and Fitness Motivation FB group and I’m uploading them to my JANEY HOLLIDAY COACHING Instagram and Facebook page on 1st June 🙂


  1. Bent arm lat side raises
  2. Upright row
  3. Biceps twists
  4. Triceps press
  5. Full lateral arms
  6. Biceps top half
  7. Spilt lateral / forward raise
  8. Single Arm shoulder press
  9. Biceps into shoulder press (optional triceps press at end)
  10. Triceps dips



  1. Pec flye
  2. Chest Press
  3. Bottom half pec flye
  4. Bottom half Chest Press
  5. Press ups
  6. Rear row right
  7. Rear row left
  8. Triceps press
  9. Back squuezes
  10. Standing biceps row



  1. Lunge right
  2. Lunge left
  3. Side leg raise right
  4. Side leg raise left
  5. Double rear lunge tap right
  6. Double rear lunge tab left
  7. Step into RH kick right
  8. Step into RH Kick left
  9. Squat turn into lunge right
  10. Squat turn into lunge left



  1. Squat
  2. Wider squat
  3. Plie squat
  4. Lunge kick right (lower for better)
  5. Lunge kick left (lower for better)
  6. Butt squeezes
  7. 1 leg butt squeezes right
  8. 1 leg butt squeezes left
  9. Rear leg raise and side bent raise right
  10. Rear leg raise and side bent raise



  1. Plank
  2. Full armed plank
  3. Grasshoppers
  4. Crunch triple pulse
  5. Crunch table top
  6. Side plank right with dips
  7. Side plank left with dips
  8. Swooping mountain climbers
  9. Box abs up and over right and left
  10. Bicycle



Please click the link below to download the video workout lists which I’ve done in a Power Point PDF!

28 day June challenge summary

And remember that the demo videos can be found in the Facebook group and I’m also uploading them to Instagram today!

Hope you enjoy the 28 day challenge and I look forward to working with you in my food and fitness motivation group – remember to join us HERE!

Janey x


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