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One of the best things about running a business like this is seeing your clients literally transform their lives in front of your very eyes.  There are so many women, who from our programs , are in a completely different place than they were a year ago. We know it can be difficult for people to take to take the plunge onto one of our courses, especially if they’ve never experienced one before or are unsure about investing in a whole year’s coaching on our famous BEST program.

So today, I wanted to let you essentially try out a year’s coaching in just 45 minutes! BEST is a 40 week mindset program designed to help women become the best versions of themselves and create an enjoyable life that is authentic to them.

For the third year running, our incredible BEST program has received a 100% recommendation from our clients with everyone saying that they enjoyed it, it was good value for money and that they’d recommend it to other women.

Every week the group get a topical audio (see the summary below) and there is a weekly Q and A audio hosted by me and my co-coach, psychologist and NLP trainer Gill Harvey Bush.

“The Janey and Gill combination is really helpful”, “Janey is FAB – I love her style – honest, direct, relatable, supportive, upbeat, positive, encouraging” and “Gill is a great balance to Janey – a different voice and style, gives weight and a psychologival/research/clinical input which helps support the topics and I love the Gill/Janey combo” 

In week 40, I recorded a BEST ‘wrap up’ call, which is where I go over everything the group have learned and it is jam packed with mindset tips and tricks, little nuggets of empowering inspiration as well as giving you a real taster of what it’s like to do BEST. To access this FREE audio, just submit your details here.

And to check out some of the new 2016 BEST testimonials, please click HERE. (You can also see the 2015 ones HERE and the 2014 ones HERE!). BEST next starts on Monday 9th January and runs until the start of December 2017 with two x one month breaks in April and August. It is the most amazing program that has had all the main audios updated for next year’s program and new resources that will enhance this already phenomenal coaching and thought/life management journey.

There are 9 steps to becoming the BEST version of you and they are:

  1. Take Control
  2. Create more self-respect
  3. Look after yourself
  4. Let things go
  5. Sort your priorities out
  6. Lighten up
  7. Find your inner confidence
  8. Beat self sabotage
  9. Make things easy

And the weekly topics that fit under these themes are:


For more info on BEST and to secure your early bird place with a £30 deposit (must be booked by 12th December and saves you £100), please visit the BEST page. We hope you enjoy the audio and even if you don’t want to do BEST there is LOADS you can take away from it, so download it and GET INSPIRED! Any questions, please email the office

I’m here to help you make the rest of your life the BEST of your life!

Janey x

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