Come and join me on my FREE ‘Turn your cr*p around!” mastermind!

Hand your cr*p over to me…

Yes that’s right, offload your struggles, troubles, challenges, stresses, worry, fears, unhelpful beliefs and crap to me and I will help you turn it around!



  • The mastermind takes place from Monday 17th June to Wednesday 26th June
  • When you sign up (for free – no catch!), you fill out a short anonymous online survey, which ensures that all content I create for the mastermind is completely tailor-made to those in the group.
  • I will create bite size videos, audios and coaching PDFs ahead of the mastermind starting and during it and you can listen to the content at a time to suit you and on the go as well
  • There is going to be loads of really helpful and inspirational content and for ease, all content is broken down into 15-30 minute chunks
  • All resources are hosted on a password protected page on my website which means you don’t have to be on a specific social media channel to have access to it and you get to keep the resources forever
  • The mastermind experience is designed to help those taking part to turn their actual or mental cr*p going on in their lives completely around.
  • You’ll be able to enjoy my positive, upbeat but no-nonsense style of mindset coaching that combines clever thought-management principles with a practical side of clever, bit size actions that you can implement in your life straight away!
  • There is an optional secret Facebook group for those who want to interact with each other and me but there will be no content on that group that will be missed (other than interaction!) if you don’t want to be on there 🙂
  • It’s going to be a really positive and empowering experience and is open to men and women of all ages.

I will help you with a combination of practical solutions and thought management techniques and we will explore, beliefs, fears, barriers and roadblocks that are holding you back and how to improve confidence, self-trust and ‘I can do it’ mindset to propel you forwards

By signing up in the box below, you will have access to the mastermind program page hosted in a password protected page on my website. Once logged in, please follow the simple instructions and get ready to start on Monday 17th June!

(Please note that I’m GDPR compliant and not one of these coaches that sends out loads of pre-set emails (these drive me MAD!). You’ll get an automated email on sign up so you can access the program page, we will email you as the program starts and once the first round of content is uploaded and we will email you at the end of the bootcamp with a list of all content that I’ve created over the 10 day and any further helpful resources)


Who’s in the program already?

There is a real mix of people already signed up –  and a combination of men and women. Having looked through the survey results already in so far, we have people who’ve signed up for the following reasons:

· Business overwhelm and roadblocks

· Someone who knows they are drinking too much wine and can’t seem to stop

· Family upset and challenges

· Lack of confidence and self-sabotage

· Imposter syndrome

· A really powerful, unhelpful negative voice

· Not being in control of finances and worried about debt

· Someone in a job they’re not happy with but isn’t sure what to do to get out of it

· Gut instinct telling them they’re not on the right path but have no idea how to get on the right path

· Overwhelm in life with too much going on and not sure how to change it.


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