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Overwhelm is a huge issue with most women right now.

I’ve been working with women for over 22 years and I’ve never seen it so rife!

So I’ve put together an “Understanding and lowering overwhelm” audio to help women start to take back a bit of control.

It’s 40 minutes long (you can listen on the go, so nice and easy for you!).

Where I share:

  • What overwhelm is
  • The other “over” problems that are linked to overwhelm (overloaded, over-thinking, over-doing and over-stimulated or info overload)
  • Mindset issues including the 5 Cs (complaining, catastrophising, creating stories, complex thinking and choosing stress)
  • The name, tame and reframe technique!
  • 10 overwhelm self-coaching questions to help you get some tailor-made AHA moments.
  • And some of my favourite overwhelm lowering affirmations that I use to help me out

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