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As a power walking addict I am delighted to share this power walking program with you!


Power walking has SO many benefits:

 ? It’s low impact
 ? It completely transforms your bottom half
 ? It also narrows your waist from using your obliques as you walk
 ? It can be done anywhere
 ? You can do it within an hour of eating a meal (where as running you’re better with no food in your tummy)
 ? You can do it when you’re feeling tired (or even hungover!)
 ? And most women tend to be able to motivate themselves more easily to power walk than running
 ? It is great exercise to do when stressed and in fact new thinking suggests that women with adrenal issues should AVOID running


The downsides of running:

 ? By working at a much higher level of intensity this can kick off your fight or flight system which in turn releases cortisol which means you can actually store additional fat around the middle
 ? Worse still, your body – by doing intense running (and even things like intense or HIIT cardio) – can actually stop responding to exercise and metabolism can slow down as your body struggles
 ? Running can also impair digestion and some gut health specialists believe that running (esp with undigested food in your tummy) can cause nutrient absorption issues and gut health issues like leaky gut syndrome
 ? Plus of course there are far more risks of injury when running


I’m not completely knocking running, but power walking can often be a better choice for women who are striving for their optimum shape and health and perhaps hate running (like me!)


Repeat after me… You do NOT need to run to be fit and have a strong body. Far from it.


My power walking program includes:

  • A Power Walking EBook – which has top tips, benefits, facts and two x 12 week programs to follow
  • The Power Walking Information audio – where I go through the power walking program and explain everything you need to get started (it is 22 minutes long)
  • A Power Walking Technique Video – where I go through the top 10 power walking techniques you need to go to be safe and get great results!


It’s completely FREE, just sign up below and within moments you’ll have access to the program and be ready to go!



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