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As a coach, one of the most amazing things to experience, is when your clients have those massive ‘A-HA’ moments that change everything. These A-HA moments are usually when something really integral to them clicks and they’ll never see life in the same way again. These often occur when I do a session about discovering their core values.

Most people I come across don’t in fact know their top 10 life values, but when you unravel them, you are able to create a truly authentic life, make decisions that fit well in your soul. And of course have a constant set of principles to check in with, whenever you’re faced with making decisions about work, partners, friends, activities, boundaries, choices and anything to do in life really.

I am very clear on my core values and they really help me have a much more effortless and enjoyable life.


My values are:

Happy and upbeat





Inspiring others





Values are so personal and I’m yet to meet a client who has a list exactly like mine. And that is the beauty of knowing YOUR core values, they are about the real YOU!

The language you use around values is especially important as I explain on the FREE webinar (sign up below!). I’ve had clients who’ve been really stuck because they think they have a value and use their value words to create action but they get stuck. When you look at language and switch things around, the difference can be off the scale.


Some examples being:

Ease to flow

Balance to bliss

Crazy to mischief

Health to energy

Financial security to financial freedom

One client I worked with was always saying ‘I need more balance’ but her actions weren’t aligning with that. When we did her values, bliss was her top value over all else, balance wasn’t even on there. Once I knew this, I encouraged her to ask herself questions like ‘ Is this action taking me towards bliss or away from it’ and bingo, a totally different outcome.

I’ve recorded a 50 minute webinar called ‘Discovering your core values’ and all you need to do is submit your name and email address below and it will be sent to you. On the call we look at why values are important, how to make them personal to you and you have the opportunity to get your values master list. Then we cross check them to get them in priority order, look at language and hopefully by the end (and if not in your own time afterwards!), you’ll be clear on what your core values are and how to implement them!


“This values call is brilliant – a real life changer. Has so many ‘wow and ‘a-ha’ moments. In just a few days it has already had an impact on my life – would recommend!”

“This call is fantastic! It was so helpful and my partner listened to it after me and it opened up some amazing conversations – thank you!”

“Oh dear. I now know where I’ve been going wrong! Many of my work and friendship choices haven’t been based on my core values at all! This webinar was a game changer. Thank you!”


Sign up here and I hope you find this really useful AND enjoyable!



Janey x

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