Hi everyone!

I thought I’d share some free workouts with you 🙂

Take a look at the list below, click and play! (please note that by doing these videos you agree to our disclaimer and terms and conditions which can be found HERE).

Please ensure you WARM UP properly before attempting any of the below…


1) KB upper body 1 with me!  12 mins long and taken from the SELF-CARE bootcamp where there are over 90 minutes of Kick Boxing workouts!

(password to access this video is selfcare)


2) Power Conditioning lower body 1 with Katie Skrine  – 15 mins . Also taken from the SELF-CARE bootcamp where you have over 90 minutes of power conditioning workouts!

(please use password SELFCARE to access this video)


3) HIIT Upper 7 with former Fit for a Princess head trainer and SELF-CARE HIIT guru, Sarah Honey-Lawson –  it’s 12 mins long (please note you need a skipping rope for this and it is a very advanced workout!). Again, from the SELF-CARE bootcamp whether there are over 90 minutes of HIIT workouts!

Please use password SELFCARE to access this video

4) Pilates 1 – These Pilates videos (there are 90 minutes of them) were from the SugarHIIT bootcamp but are offered as bonus workouts on all online bootcamps now!

Please use password MTE123 to access this video

5) Snowy squat workout with me!  7 minutes long, recorded on a cold snowy, UK day a few years back!

The pass word for this video is Janey

We have hours and hours of online workouts with all of our online fitness bootcamps, take a look at the Best Body, SugarHIIT, Tummy ATTACK & SELF-CARE bootcamps.

The next online bootcamps start on Monday 15th January and don’t forget to check out the FREE taster audios we have on a similar blog too!

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