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As a mindset and life management coach, I help people take command of their thoughts, time, choices, boundaries and lives.

And as a busy single Mum of three who runs my own business, taking command of the intention for the way I think and how I want to experience life (particularly if dealing with less than ideal scenarios!) is SO important.

And someone who also juggles a lot, I also need to make sure I create enough time and headspace to work ON my life as well as being in my life, so that I don’t allow myself to get swept up in the hamster wheel and get drawn into stuff and a way of life I don’t want for myself.

I like to map out the different parts of my year, which helps me find the energy and space for things that are important to me. And I love to put a 3-6 month plan into place to keep me focused AND compartmentalise the different areas and needs in my life.

I do all this in an empowering, upbeat and light hearted way. And my plan is fairly flexible too! But without this I don’t think I’d a) get what I get done, b) find the time for the things I care for in my life, including lots of relaxation and c) cope as well as I do – I honestly think my head would explode if I didn’t do this!

If you’d like to see how I’m mapping out my autumn / winter 2022 – combining the mindset I’m creating and the practical things I’ll be doing, then sign up for my free autumn / winter planner webinar.

It’s 50 minutes of me going through the planning formula I use all the time in my life. And access to the excel template I use. This webinar is pre-recorded so you don’t need to be anywhere anytime! It’s hosted on a password protected page so you have access for life too.

And don’t forget to also check out my new blog called “The mindset to get you through this winter!”┬áif you haven’t already. Which is packed full of mindset tips if you have fear, frustration or are a bit fed up with the world right now.

I hope you find this useful and any questions, please let me know!


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Janey x


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