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Welcome to my freebies page where there are lots of resources for you to get stuck into 🙂
There are healthy eating plans, online fitness videos, mini coaching videos, a life values webinar and access to some of my 5 day challenges I ran in the past that are now available as an automated option.

I hope you enjoy them and any questions, please email the office – info@janeyholliday.com

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As part of my BEST program, I have just recorded a Q&A audio with my BEST co-coach Gill Harvey Bush – it’s aimed to help people to deal with the challenges we are facing at the moment. And we decided to share with everyone as it is packed full of amazing advice.
There are lots of useful coping strategies and mindset tips – CLICK HERE to listen!
The breakdown of the audio is as follows:
  • How beliefs impact how you deal with what’s going on
  • Triggers – esp to do with fears and anxiety
  • How to stay in the present
  • Emotion management
  • How to deal with other people’s emotions
  • Maps of the world
  • Communication
  • Money worries
  • Advice on how to help those who like to be in control of everything
  • How to put your focus on the things you CAN control and let go of the rest

We also go through some examples from clients who need help with:

  • How to deal with GCSE children who are upset
  • How to manage your anger and frustration that people aren’t taking things seriously
  • How to deal with kids being off school indefinitely
I also recently set up a positive and solutions-based Facebook group called THE FLAMINGO MINDSET CLUB, to help people deal with the shock, limbo, challenges & changes we are facing at the moment. There are over 400 of us in there and it is packed full of goodness! JOIN US HERE!


Here is a 38 page booklet containing a selection of flexible and adaptable healthy eating plans, recipes, food principles and more! Taken from the Busy Woman’s Bootcamp.
CLICK HERE to download the PDF!




Please make sure you have warmed up properly before doing these & please check my terms and conditions to ensure you pass the PAR Q (physical activity readiness questionnaire) in section 8.

Kick Boxing All Over Body Workout, CLICK HERE for the video!

Taken from the SELF-CARE Bootcamp – Body and mind transformation for women with a nourishing, not punishing approach… encouraging women to work with their bodies, rather than fight against them


Upper & Lower Body Workout, CLICK HERE for the video!
Taken from the Busy Woman’s Bootcamp – The no-nonsense bootcamp which teaches you to beat procrastination, improve motivation and nail organisation!

Upper Body Blitz, CLICK HERE for the video!

Taken from the Best Body Bootcamp – Designed to help you achieve YOUR best body, help your body function at its BEST, and encourage better BODY image!

Six Pack Attack, CLICK HERE for the video!

Taken from the Tummy ATTACK Bootcamp  – Transform your tummy (and body!) inside and out with this incredible 28 program that will get you amazing results – with just 30 minutes exercise per day!!


High Intensity Interval Training 1, CLICK HERE for the video!

Taken from the Sugar HIIT Bootcamp – Reset your eating, improve your body shape and quit the white stuff!


All my current 28 day Bootcamps are ON SALE FOR JUST ÂŁ15 (usual price ÂŁ99). If you don’t want to do one yourself, but you have a friend who does, we are currently offering a PASS IT ON gift option, whereby you can by a bootcamp, send us an email for a friend and we will send them the joining instructions with a gift message from you!


CLICK HERE to be taken to the programs page where all the bootcamps are listed!


Please click the Video titles below (in pink!) to watch these helpful mini coaching exercise videos!

How to work out what your priorities are (for when you’re feeling overwhelmed or want to make changes in your life)


How to change your thoughts and manage an overwhelming inner voice (lots of thoughts when you can’t sleep)

The Life Box coaching exercise (for when you’re feeling overwhelmed and have thoughts spiralling out of control

The Worry / Stress Bucket Exercise (getting worries and stress out of your head and on to paper, helping you to worry less or never worry again)





Getting to know your core values! 

This 60 minute webinar is a bonus call on my BEST program and has helped SO many women really discover what their true life values are.

CLICK HERE for all the details and to sign up for FREE!



These amazing online masterminds took place as live events recently and they were so helpful to the hundreds of women who signed up for them, that I decided to make them available as an automated mastermind  – in other words you can access the resources and videos even though the live online events have ended – ENJOY!


The YOU ARE ENOUGH challenge

This challenge is about helping women to feel better about themselves and their lives. Too many women struggle in silence with very strong and self-limiting beliefs and feelings that they simply are not enough. It’s absolutely heart breaking and a total waste of women’s precious time, energy and lives.

And I want to turn this around for you!!  CLICK HERE for details and to sign up!




The Power of saying NO (without feeling guilty!) challenge

This practical, no-nonsense coaching challenge is designed to empower women to take command and say NO more…. AND to teach them how to do this, WITHOUT feeling guilty!

CLICK HERE for details and to sign up!






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