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HOW to Manage your inner dialogue – 60 minutes masterclass 

This masterclass was created for the HOW TO series in my BEST program
And covers:

What exactly is our inner voice
Why we have it, where it comes from, what is it trying to do
The different voices, unhelpful and helpful, positive and negative, critical and empowering etc.
The voices are in different places, why is that and how to we find them
Negative commands to the sub conscious V positive ones
Why what we tell ourself becomes the narrative / self-fulfilling prophecy
Simple methods to squash it
Paper exercises – how to change the beliefs behind the voice
Daily negative voice squashing practices
Why journaling / observing / affirming can make us think / feel different

Access for free here…



Fear of success or fear of failure – two x 15 minute audios

One thing I know from working with women for over 22 years, is that they often get stuck between fear of success and fear of failure. Or is really fear of success or fear of failure, or something else?!
These two audios are from my I’ve got the POWER motivation program and explain all – including why they are a huge part of self-sabotage!
Sounds interesting? Access for free now…


Optimum Week – 35 minute audio

The optimum week concept has been one of the easiest yet most impactful techniques I’ve introduced in my life. I use it ALL.THE.TIME.
My clients love it too – and are ALWAYS surprised as to how much changes with often just a few tweaks here and there.
Let’s get you creating your optimum week, shall we?!

Discovering your core values – 50 minutes

Discovering my core values was honestly such an epiphany for me! When you know them, you can build a life around them. And create an authentic life that feels really good!


How to shine bright in your business –  35 minute audio

Are you a small business that’s driving around like a black cab with your lights off? Listen to this and I promise you’ll be pushing through those fears and roadblocks and shining bright!
Ready to make some progress and make your business more successful AND enjoyable?

UNDER £10!

How to have a “Remember who the f&*k you are day”! – £9.99

CLICK HERE for full details!

Time poor to 10 extra hours a week – £9.99

This masterclass covers 7 simple ways you’re going to create more time, FAST!
Coming very soon!




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