The 10 mistakes you might be making if you’re trying to lose weight or change shape


I’ve been helping women change shape or lose weight for nearly 20 years and I still see the same mistakes being made over and over again.

It frustrates them and it frustrates me too!


So I thought I’d put together a mini EBook called “From Fad to FREE!” that tackles the 10 mistakes women make when trying to lose weight or change shape. And I’ve packed it with as many tips as possible

In this EBook, I also talk about the importance of knowing your food story and I share mine too.


Your food story determines all the beliefs, programming, habits and behaviours you have around not just food and eating. But usually around diets, results, weight, shape, scales and ‘success’.

When you know your food story, you will soon start to realise just how programmed you are and how your default thinking is keeping you stuck.

Especially if you’re a woman who wants to lose weight or change shape, but finds themselves drawn to the latest fad diet or quick fix. And desperate for results whilst wanting to have their cake and eat it!


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Janey x

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