The Grey Area Drinking Masterclass for Women

Gone are the days when thinking you have a drinking issue means sitting on a bench holding a brown bag.  There is a huge space in between ‘take or leave it’ drinking and hitting constant rock bottoms.  This is called grey area drinking.

Signs you may identify as a grey area drinker:

  • You drink between two extremes – you’re not a take or leave it drinker and you haven’t yet hit a rock bottom.
  • You secretly worry about your drinking.
  • Your drinking doesn’t look problematic to those around you.
  • You can stop for periods of time but you can’t stay stopped.
  • You experience negative , but not life changing consequences from drinking.
  • You often drink more than intended.
  • You refrain from drinking then jump back to the narrative of “you need to live a little.”
  • You often feel guilty about your drinking but struggle to do anything about it.
  • You continue to drink despite personal or professional problems.
  • You promise yourself just one glass but always end up having more.

If you relate to any of the above, join Sobriety coach and best selling author David Wilson AKA Sober Dave on Instagram; with nearly 100k followers. A former dependant drinker, who has been sober for over 4 years. And, recognised as one of the leading and inspirational sobriety experts. Dave’s podcast “One for the Road” is repeatedly in the Top Ten of the Apple charts, currently number 7!


And myself; Janey Holliday. An experienced mindset coach, single / SEN Mum and a former middle lane drinker. Who now has two feet fully (and happily!) in the AF world after trying to moderate over the last 14 years. Janey runs The Women’s Mindset Club; helping women take back control of their mind, time and lives. And you can find her daily mindset and life management tips on Instagram here.



Together we are joining forces to share with authenticity and positivity, as much as we can in 90 minutes to help you see moderation differently. And, to consider all options moving forwards.

This masterclass provides a safe and judgement free zone. And there is no lecturing about quitting drinking. You may decide to off the back of it. You may decide at some point in the future. Or you might not. And that’s OK!

Dave will share his expertise as a sobriety coach (to mainly female grey area drinkers; who are all wonderful, intelligent, successful women by the way!). And Janey will share the methods she has used to move away from “A miserable, hard done by non-drinker”. To “A happy non drinker”.

In our 90 minute session, we will cover:

  • The myths of moderation and why it can be hard to achieve this.
  • What grey area drinking is and how we can climb off the hamster wheel.
  • The reasons we all have an entirely unique alcohol story
  • Why we romanticise alcohol and how we can change the narrative.
  • The fears we face about being alcohol free and how to overcome them.
  • How to change how we talk to ourselves and start to challenge the beliefs we hold, that keep us stuck repeating the same patterns with drinking.
  • How to take a break from drinking and manage social situations and the influence of others
  • Understanding your cravings and triggers.
  • How to ignore the voice of the wine witch.
  • How to get excited about a life without alcohol!
  • Q & A

There are two sessions to choose from:

Thursday 11th May at 1230-2pm

Friday 26th May at 830-10am

Cost – £30 (places limited and capped at a max of 30 women per session).

Includes a follow up summary pdf and session replay you can download and keep for life.

BOOK HERE: 26th May – 830-10am


By purchasing a place, you agree to the terms and conditions. And you will be emailed the call details 48 hours in advance of the session and get a reminder at 7am on the day of the session.

Please note these two sessions are only for women.

We may offer more for mixed groups or men only. Please email to register interest for these.