Gut Health Series

In the last few years, the importance of good gut health has been brought to the main stream. We now know that gut health is linked to mental health, hormonal health, liver function, thyroid, metabolism, blood health, bone health, immunity and long term health.
But modern day living massively impairs it too. Stress, stimulants, processed foods, lack of good sleep, shallow breathing, doing too much, over thinking, rushing around, less time in nature, not enough diversification of foods, antibiotics, medication, pollution and pesticides, all affect our microbiome.
But there is a lot of conflicting information about what you need to do to improve and help your gutAnd so as part of my 3P Health program which I ran back in 2020/1, I brought in Alex Manos, to be my gut health expert for a Bonus gut health series.
The modules he created, have  been SO popular with my clients that I’ve put it together as a mini bundle.
Alex is one of the UK’s leading Functional Medicine practitioners specialising in SIBO and gut related disorders as well as mould illness and mycotoxins. 
Alex has made it his life mission to learn anything and everything about health, to help people have greater levels of health and happiness in their life.
Alex sits between traditional and complimentary medicine, believing there is a place for both. And provides a balanced approach backed with research, along with a wealth of professional and personal experience.
This gut health series is packed with all you need to know about gut health – with truly refreshing insights and angles!
  • Alex takes you through a detailed GUT FOUNDATIONS webinar with 5 parts (20-25 minutes long per part).
  • And then you have access to 5 hours of Q and A replays – where he answers comprehensively to a large variety of different gut health questions.  These are packed with a wealth of tips and advice, with full call summaries that you can dip in and out of.
  • Plus there is a variety of gut health resources.
You can have lifetime access, for just £29.99!
Here’s what some clients have said about Alex’s gut health series!
“I am loving Alex’s calls on the 3P. He is so informative and explains things so well. I thought gut health was all about eating better and taking probiotics, how wrong I was. Thank you so much, it’s been fantastic.”
“My favourite part of 3P is Alex’s gut health series. I have learnt so much and my husband (who has always been resistant to gut health and functional medicine!) has watched them too. As a result we are working together to improve our mental / physical health by implementing his great advice. Thanks Janey! x”
“Alex is the best! His calls have made me really re-think about me and my family’s health and life. I’ve found each call fascinating and always eager to hear what he’ll say next! Thanks for answering so many of my questions so throughly. Loving the program”