How to have a happy and healthy half term!

-I want any of you Mums out there who have school aged children to have a healthy, balanced, enjoyable half term but one that hopefully includes some focus around the fun (or chaos if that word is more applicable!).

I shared this self-coaching, half term planner exercise with some of my clients last year and they LOVED it!

It’s really important that you set the intention of what you want to achieve, go about this focus with a positive and empowering mindset but also be realistic!

I’d recommend that you come up with some simple non-negotiable habits / actions and be flexible on the rest. Know your strengths, be aware of your weaknesses but also find what inspires you to DO!

Get your diaries out, get yourself organized with food planning (with hopefully some nice half term guilt free indulgences – I’ve certainly got some to look forward to!) and as you’re going to hear me say a lot this year, get out of your own way!

It’s not just about food and fitness focus Mums need to consider but also mindset and fun. Stress is NOT helpful to anyone or anything. So lighten up, have fun, be switched on at work if you’re working a bit like I am. Then kick back happily around that work, have some quality time with your children and make some happy memories!

Here are some great questions to ask yourself to ensure you have a happy, healthy half term. And then I share a few things I’m doing to give you some ideas!

Your top 10 self-coaching questions:

  1. How do you want to feel on the Sunday night at the end of half term?
  2. What will you need to do to make this happen?
  3. Is what you’re wanting to achieve actually achievable?
  4. If yes, how will you ensure that you will make it achievable?
  5. If no, please repeat questions 1 -3 until you find something achievable!
  6. What strengths do you have that means you feel confident you can achieve this?
  7. What non-negotiable habits and actions are you choosing to do that will help you achieve that Sunday night feeling you want from your question1 answer?
  8. What weaknesses, self-limiting beliefs, habits &/or behaviours do you have that could jeapordize your actions and goals?
  9. What images, quotes, positive affirmations, cheer-leader lines, photos, videos etc. could you watch, prepare, have to hand so that you CAN make it happen?
  10. What word or three words describe the vibe and therefore the intention you have for yourself over the half term break?
  11. It’s not just about focus… What fun are you going to have this half term? Write a list with your children so everyone contributes and gets excited?
  12. Is there anything you need to let go of so YOU are more relaxed this holiday? Examples could be a slightly messier home, putting your phone away, not checking on work emails when with the kids etc?

Take half an hour over a nice cup of tea and answer these questions. Afterwards,  chat to the kids and get everyone involved and on-side. Then work as a team so everyone has a positive intention for the week ahead!

This is what I’m up to!

I’m working for 3 days and will exercise for 45 minutes on these days, it’s not realistic for me to do more

I have a Mindful Chef box arriving on Monday (I order 3 recipes for 2 people) so that means that I have 3 dinners and 3 left over lunches covered (I’m an ambassador for Mindful Chef – use this code – 7MAU4R – if you’d like to get £20 off your first order).

The rest of the time I’ll be eating Strong Roots veggie burgers and salads, poached eggs and spinach, quinoa salads and those kinds of things

I am not drinking alcohol at the moment so it will be a booze free half term

I’m also on a spring clean / declutter mode so will do 15 mins a day over the 7 days

My diary for work is also sorted for this week and the week after half term so that I don’t worry about what I need to do

Friday afternoon when school breaks up we will all be heading to the seafront for a half term celebratory ice-cream and I’ll have one.

My twin boys want to make Paella on the first weekend so we’ve found a great slow cooker recipe to try.

I am taking my twins out for lunch on one of my days off for a Mum-boys date and it will probably be burgers and a pudding!

We will be active and outside as much as possible

I follow the 80/20 rule which means 80% of the time we are wheat, dairy and sugar free

We’ll still be making our veg smoothies or veg juices every morning

Bed times will be a little later, lie ins encouraged (please pass the memo onto my early bird 2 year old girl!)

Have a happy healthy half term!

And if you’re a Mum who compares themselves or feels guilty for working or juggling, find yourself an hour and listen to my FREE Removing comparison online talk – CLICK HERE to sign up!

Janey x

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