• Does your drinking need a reset?
  • Fallen into some crappy habits?
  • Stuck between ‘I’d love to be able to moderate’ but not able to manage it!
  • Wondering whether a life without alcohol could be really amazing if only you could find the way to do it?
  • AND most importantly, not be miserable or feel hard done by if you did get booze right down or out?

This was me a few years back.

But I’ve just celebrated 15 months alcohol free! And if I can do it, anyone can.

So I’ve put together a really positive, upbeat, friendly and supportive low / no alcohol focus for women!

As an experienced mindset coach and motivational speaker* AND as someone who has well and truly become a happy non-drinker. I’ve come up with the PERFECT option for anyone who is wanting to be inspired to drink less or take a break from the booze.

The definition of inspire is ‘To breathe life into’ by the way…. and that’s what this is about!


An uplifting 50 day focus (from June 1st to July 20th) that will combine mindset, inspiration, motivation and stacks of practical tips and tricks.

That’s going to:

  • Plant the seeds of a happy life without booze
  • Shift your belief system that’s behind changing your relationship with alcohol
  • Undo lots of that programming women of our generation have been subjected to for decades
  • Challenge your crappy habits and build new ones
  • Give you tailor-made tips and advice
  • Be a truly positive, curious and relaxed experience!

You can choose whether you want a low or no alcohol focus, so no pressure at all!

(But I really want to inspire you to give AF life a go!)

It’s not a big time intensive program to follow, either.

But instead, a cutting edge bespoke audio drop and resources service, all hosted in the Telegram app (see more below). It’s basically like a Whatsaap group, but no numbers / intrusiveness.

I’ve experienced first hand as a client of the the power of working with my own coach and mentor via the Telegram APP.

Because inspirational content via short audio drops (that comes with topic titles too, so easy to read and refer back to) are absolutely INVALUABLE!

Getting bite size advice, all geared up to YOU, that’s all dropped in one place has been mega helpful for me.

And I know it will be for you too!

HAPPY NON-DRINKER INSPIRATION runs from the start of June to the 20th July

  • You choose to go low or no booze , the choice is yours!
  • On booking, you’ll get a 30 minute uplifting audio, to help get you pumped up for a great month ahead. Covering identity based habits, practical preparation, mindset, motivation, affirmations, afformations and more!
  • In this email, you’ll also be sent an anonymous survey link, where you can pop a few bullets / paragraph about your particular struggles or things you need help with
  • Then every day until 20th July, you’ll get inspirational audio notes** in Telegram from me (usually around lunchtime), sharing some brilliant tips and inspiration that I think you’ll find useful (from what I know from my own journey to being a happy non drinker – and also what you tell me in those surveys)
  • You can ask questions along the way and further audio drops will be added each day too (again titled for ease and covered anonymously)
  • There is a coaching questions section and an affirmations section too – to give you personalised AHAs and reprogram yourself
  • There is a community chat option – for you to share updates and have some positive accountability with each other (if you want to).
  • It’s going to be an inspirational space and judgement-free zone
  • You don’t need to be anywhere anytime
  • You have life long access to these audio drops too!
  • And I’m going to pack it with sooooo much happy non-drinker enthusiasm and monumental mindset gems for you!

Plus… some bonus content!


  • 30 minute Identity / Identity based habits training & workbook
  • 30 minute Habit loop training & workbook
  • 30 minute HOW TO journal and use affirmations
  • Annie Knowles (burn out expert & sobriety coach) guest expert replay

“I am loving it so much already, it’s AMAZING!”

“I’ve just swapped my usual gin for 20 minutes of Pelaton and feel much better now”

“The tips around socialising at BBQs was so helpful, thank you!”

“Finding the mini audio drops absolute treasure. Always containing useful and helpful messages”

The cost is :

💕£49 (if you’re a member of my Women’s Mindset Club) – you can sign up by CLICKING HERE  

💕 £99 if not a member – CLICK HERE

💕 FREE if you’re in my Turn Your Life Around in a Year VIP group (you will be emailed 😃)

(FYI – Once your booking has come in, I’ll pop you an email with details of how to access my Telegram Group. If you’re not on Telegram already, please download the APP and set up a username in the interim) to sign up

I’m soooooo looking forward to this.

Janey x

*Please note, I am not a sobriety coach or trauma / addiction coach. I will be using my extensive experience as a mindset / life coach, my own personal experience of finally becoming a happy non-drinker and my upbeat, enthusiastic vice as a motivational speaker, to deliver an action packed month for you.

**Audio drops from week one include:

  • Cravings – they will pass
  • Roll the film forwards
  • Breathing space
  • You will never regret NOT having a drink
  • How to cope with BBQ socials
  • My fave AF drinks that aren’t zero beer / gin / wine
  • Dopamine – and where else to get it from when you take the alcohol dopamine away
  • Giving the money / time / energy that you save not drinking, proper intention
  • Planting the seeds for change – effortless action with BIG impact
  • Sugar cravings are normal, here’s what to do
  • What to do when you feel heightened anxiety / stress when you take alcohol out
  • Changing your state without alcohol
  • ASD / ADHD / Sensation seeking and alcohol
  • Surprise yourself! (fab reverse psychology technique!)
  • When you’re stuck between knowing you can’t moderate but giving up for good seems so scary!
  • Tension headaches – and what I did at the start to help me
  • AF weekend set up prep! 5 things I did every weekend at the start
  • Get your blinkers on and being in your own lane
  • What to do when you mind comes alive at night when you take booze out
  • What to do when you’ve drunk when you planned / said you wouldn’t
  • Doing the emotional work behind the reasons you drink