Healthy food hacks for you and your family

I love discovering new healthy recipes that taste amazing AND are easy to make and eat in a busy life!

And I wanted to share some recent finds and some things I’m doing in my home 🙂

Home life for me has ramped up big time this week with my twins starting secondary school and my daughter starting reception! And my workload is big over the coming few months as I launch my new online health program.

So, to know I’ve got healthy things at my finger tips is essential!


In this blog, there are 3 sections:

1) Ramen Noodles Mania

2) Some healthy eating packed lunch ideas!

3) My favourite new lunch and dinner recipes



Last week I met up with my designer, client and friend with our kids in a park in Surrey. And she pulled out a Tuppaware pot, filled with a variety of herbs and veggies with an egg and some brown rice noodles. And she had a flask of boiled water which she poured on it, left for 2 mins, stirred up, et voila!


A posh pot noodle you could say!

Here’s a picture and there is a 20 second video on my Instagram feed that explains all but basically its:

– A little bit of Sriracha (chilli style sauce), soy sauce & bouillon powder
– Green beans, spring onions, mange tout, pak choi, bean sprouts, edamame beans
– Rice noodles and a boiled egg cut in half

My boys had so much food envy, they said they wanted to have it for their packed lunch at school, so we trialled it out on Sunday.







· I made a base with onions, garlic, spring onions, ginger and finely chopped mushrooms – used half for the noodles and the other half I used for my fish curry base (see below) and a batch to put in the freezer




· In a Tuppaware I added, some miso paste, little soy sauce, fresh coriander, edamame beans and sweetcorn




· Added some brown rice noodles (had to pre-cook these)

· Added the hot water and they were away.




Knew they liked it because there was SILENCE!

And they are taking some to school tomorrow with a little bit of sliced chicken in 🙂





This Autumn, I’ve decided to get a bit more creative with packed lunches for the boys. I really want to boost their immunity and increase their nutrient intake.

My boys aren’t great with veg and salad but they are good with herbs and flavours.

So on the menu this week apart from the Ramen Noodles above, they’ve also had:


– Chilli Salmon flakes with coriander and coconut yogurt dressing on seeded Gluten free rolls

I have also bought some smoked mackerel to mix with some dill and chives for another day

TOP TIPS – buy when on offer and freeze to keep costs down! And have a packed lunch box that keeps things cool



And to increase nutrients and goodness, I bought these in my local LIDL that were half price too!

These Graze snacks are higher veg, protein and fibre compared to crisps.






I also found these lentil crisps in Costco which are high protein too, and loads of healthy ingredients on a simple list – always a good sign!






Finally, veg soup is on the menu too. Both as an after school snack and to take in a flask to school to have with a gluten free seeded wrap.

My boys don’t like veg as I said, but they will eat this soup – check out my easy soup recipe on an another blog – CLICK HERE





1) Tuna salad batch – I don’t eat loads of tuna but I love salad batches (more ideas on these are on the veg soup recipe blog link above too) and my new fave is Tuna, edaname beans, radish, cucumber, coriander and chives with lime juice. I add a little coconut yogurt mixed with a little bit of full fat mayo for a dressing and serve on a plate of leaves.

2) Last minute mish mashes – On Monday night I realised my Mindful Chef Box wasn’t arriving (my fault not theirs!) and so I quickly needed to pull together a healthy dinner. So I used a quick base of onions, garlic and spring onions, stirred in left over peas, mixed in some left over quinoa and rice mix with fresh coriander and chives, sheeps milk feta cubes and served on a bed of little gem leaves and 2 poached eggs with a little sesame oil and lime juice – OMG it was SO good!

3) My healthy fish curry! My Mum gave me a variant of this recipe and it’s so easy, I make the base and then keep in a box ready to add the fish and fresh herbs which takes about 5 minutes to heat up and cook the fish 🙂 My twins love this and also LOVE to help me prepare it and cook it too!



Healthy fish curry recipe

· Fry up the base mentioned (in the Ramen recipe above) in some sesame oil – onions, spring onions, garlic, ginger and optional finely chopped mushrooms until cooked through

· Add some curry paste, either yellow thai or green thai or Keralan curry paste for the final minute or two

· Add some coconut milk – I use 1.5 tins to serve 4 people

· Put to one side or add fish straight away if you’re ready to eat

· Add some chopped mix fish and seafood (we used salmon, cod and smoked haddock but my Mum does it with tiger prawns and it’s lovely!)

· Cook for a few minutes until the fish is cooked through

· Adding some chopped corander for the last couple of minutes of cooking

· Serve with rice or a rice / quinoa mix and veg!


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Janey x


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