How to have a healthy happy summer!

I believe that it’s totally possible to have a fun-packed summer, indulge in delicious foods, sleep less and relax more WITHOUT it compromising your health and well being! And this is why I’ve kicked off my HEALTHY, HAPPY SUMMER CAMPAIGN 🙂

This campaign is about inspiring you to:


  1. Have some focus around the fun and create some wonderful balance between all the awesome things that you can do in the summer months and looking after your body and mind. IF I CAN DO IT ANYONE CAN!
  2. Challenge self limiting beliefs that you have to wait until September to get fit, that the summer holidays will be stressful and that you’ll end up eating and drinking more than you want to. DON’T MAKE EXCUSES!
  3. Be organised and productive with your food, fitness, money, home and work, so that you can get things done, avoid unnecessary overwhelm, feel great and get on with your summer fun! A LITTLE BIT OF PLANNING AND ORGANISATION GOES A LONG, LONG WAY!
  4. Plan and communicate well with your children (if you have them), so that everyone in your family is on the same page and Mums not left in the middle of chaos feeling haggard with the kids playing up. EVERYONE CAN HAVE A GREAT SUMMER WHEN YOU WORK TOGETHER AS A TEAM!
  5. Ensure you OWN your summer so you are mindful of your time and choices, make some long lasting happy memories with those you love, , switch off guilt free AND stay sane with any juggles you might have. BE THE BOSS THIS SUMMER!


Watch this 6 minute video where I explain a bit more and look out for loads of food, fitness and mindset tips on my Instagram @janeyhollidaycoaching and Facebook @janeyhollidaycoaching for the rest of July and August where I’ll also be sharing what me and my crazy family are doing to be healthy and happy all summer long as well as some great mini coaching exercises you can do to ensure your summer is spot on! 


I have two great online programs which can help you with your food management and fitness over the summer holidays which are on sale for the rest of July for £49. I will be doing a blend of these programs around the kids and my work because as much as I love outdoor fitness and being active with the kids outside, which I’ll be doing as much as possible. Online workouts and EASY healthy eating and planning is my magic formula over the summer months.
It’s so easy to fit in a 15-30 minutes workout before work or before we hit the beach or park. Why not come and join me?!
These two bootcamps are AMAZING for getting or keeping results and are COMPLETELY FLEXIBLE. There is absolutely NO WAY I could be as fit and strong and healthy as I am without the power of online workouts over the summer months 🙂


  • Get a flatter tummy and learn how to shift stubborn abdominal fat
  • Simple, easy food ideas that will nourish your tummy and strip fat
  • Start any time, daily motivational audio messages emailed to you every morning
  • Fantastic online videos including 90 minutes of bonus Pilates workouts
  • Just 35 minutes of exercise a day (5 mins warm up and cool down and 25 mins video each day)
  • Crazy cardio-core online video workouts to strip fat
  • Six Pack ATTACK online video workouts to increase abdominal definition
  • All equipment free! 
  • For women who are busy but also want to be fit and healthy
  • Learn simple food, fitness and life planning strategies plus stacks of tips on how to beat procrastination
  • Start any time, daily motivational audio messages emailed to you every morning
  • 15 minute workout videos targeting the entire body
  • Exercise daily or stack the workouts and do 30 minutes 3 x per week
  • Simple recipes, food planning strategies and 28 day eating plans
  • Daily inspirational emails containing jump start tips, self coaching questions and audios
  • You need a set of hand weights and a resistance band for these videos 


If you have any particular summer stresses and struggles then please CLICK HERE to fill out a very short survey! I’d be delighted to share some tailor-made tips and advice.

Any questions, let me know. Here’s to a healthy and happy summer!
Janey x

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