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” Really helpful video, so much useful information and guiding principles, thanks so much for sharing!”

“Janey thanks for such an informative and friendly video. I’ve already implemented some of the things you suggested and they were much easier than I thought. Perhaps I was the block with regards to some of my children’s eating?  Great to see the behind the scenes of what you do with your children, very helpful indeed”

“Thanks for this Janey. The thing I took most from it is how my issues with food are being passed on to my children without me realising it. I know I can’t change things instantly but really going to take on your advice and make gradual changes!

I was noticing that a lot of my clients were struggling to get their children to eat healthily or were finding healthy eating stressful and time consuming. Battles with children who eat different things, don’t like vegetables but women wanting to inspire their children to eat and live healthier. Many women know their children eat too much sugar, bit not sure what they can I do. I was also getting questions in like ‘Janey, what do you do about treats?’ and ‘How can I be sure I don’t pass on my food issues and insecurities to my children?’.

So I made a video sharing what I do in my home and go through a variety of things around nutrition, food management, emotional eating, mindset and language. I also answer 10 questions that came in from some of my Mum clients.


On this video I go through:

* What my children eat and how I get as much goodness in them as possible (especially as I have two veg hating children around a veg-loving child!)

* General food principles and the 80/20 rule

* How I blend meals as all my children like different things

* What my children eat for pre-breakfast, breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner, including what I do for packed lunches and eating on the go

* The language and mindset I use with them

* Easy meal prep and food planning strategies including cost per meal

* What supplements my children take

* Why it’s important to make sure that you’re not passing on the things you struggle with to your children

* The importance of not feeling guilty as a Mum and making changes and improvements in a non-pressured, fun and relaxing way!


And questions I cover include:

* Best snacks for children, including easy ones that can be made in advance and what to feed kids if they have clubs after school

* How I deal with treats (clue – I NEVER use the word treat!) and sugar management with my children

* How to get in enough and the right food for children who do a lot of exercise

* What supplements should children be taking

* What to when children suddenly stop eating the healthy things they used to


As I did this Facebook Live in my secret YOU CAN DO IT food and fitness group, I can’t share it on any other page, so you need to sign up for this video and join the group to access it. Of course you can leave the group at anytime!

I’m also putting together a Healthy eating for kids online program ready to launch in the spring, so I’d be really interested to find out your personal struggles and challenges you have and any solutions or issues you’d like me help with.

When you sign up for this video, if you’ve got a few minutes, I’d be really grateful if you could fill out the short anonymous survey. By signing up to this video, you’ll also be the first to hear about the program when it’s ready to release and get a special rate too!

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