Holiday reset

Well, I’m back from my holiday and as I sit here and type this in my home office, I’m extremely happy to be back. To some that might seem a bit bizarre, but I had a great time, enough time out and because I love what I do, I couldn’t wait to get back to work today! I’ve had a wonderful morning catching up on bits and pieces, but I’ve also been involved in what I call a holiday reset, in other words a fresh start approach to everything – something I think holidays are really about (well apart from the nice cheese, wine and sunshine I’ve indulged in over the last two weeks!). Let me explain.

There are certain times of the year, where I think people have that fresh start feeling. September is a very powerful one for me with the back-to-school element, January for the new year, new you approach and spring time for the spring clean feel we naturally have.

But for me, holidays give me more space then ever to think, reflect, plan and create and I actually get really excited to come home and implement these ideas. So post-holiday for me is actually one of my favourite times with work and action.

Whilst I was away I did the following:

janeys new pink chair– Read one trashy book (On the Island, highly recommend it, took me two afternoons to read it!)
– Bought a new notebook and made notes in it as ideas came to me faster than lightning once I’d de-fragged my brain from my pre-holiday workload!         – Listened to motivational audios and webinar replays from my mentors such as Bob Proctor and Nicola Bird. I have these as MP3s so as I power walked around the bay in the mornings I was being inspired in more ways than one!
– I wrote a business plan one afternoon by the pool, and because I was relaxed and clear-headed, it was effortless.
– I created a fortnightly work/life balance plan that I’ll be putting into place from next week – because one of the things I realized as I literally crashed brain and body wise before I left was that I am doing too much!

So today for me, is a new era, where I have new ideas, great energy and lots of inspiration, as well as a clear head to be able to put it all into action. Instead of starting the day ploughing through emails, I re-organised my office, changed my desks around, cleared out the clutter and archived it and most exciting of all, ordered myself a new chair.

I had an online shop arrive and I got right back into my fitness – here I am doing the conditioning videos in my office this morning – was so great to get it done before I started work (but OMG did it kill me!)
janey working out in her officePeople think holidays should be about totally switching off and not thinking about work or reality, but I personally feel that as you start to unwind, you should take advantage of the space and time you have so when you come back, you’ve got a plan and you’re ready to go!

So, instead of having a lie in each morning and filling your time solely with trashy novels why not download an online course? We have one client at the moment who’s doing the Project Me and Food Management automated courses whilst she is away and she emailed me today about how great they were and how she’s loving the fact that she’s got all the time and space to be able to do them properly. One webinar a day is an easy thing to do and you may even get more out of them because of the space you have to think about things! Instead of downloading the latest NOW album, search ‘motivation’ iTunes and try some of those!

People say they want and need more time. But if you break it down, I think it’s more space that we need. When you have space, you think more clearly and actually have a better chance of identifying what you want AND more importantly, how you can implement it!

Janey x

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