How it Works

  • Our programs combine web-based seminars (webinars), audio presentations, online video workouts, resource materials such as ebooks, articles, downloads etc. and online self-coaching homework modules
  • Programs are hosted by our easy-to-use online coaching platform accessed through a secure login process provided on program purchase, or just before your program starts
  • Once purchased, content is available for life. Webinar replays can be viewed repeatedly, online videos watched anytime (or downloaded) and the forum ‘Q and A’ content and any other resources for your program are there for you to use at anytime after the program ends

There are two types of online courses: Automated and Live


A Live online program has a specific start and end date, a live forum where you can chat to your coach and other program participants, plus you can ask your coach as many questions as you like during the program. A LIVE program does not mean you have to listen to anything at a certain time though. You can listen to audios, read program material and do videos (depending on what program you do of course!) at a time to suit you.

AUTOMATED courses can be started at anytime and can be run on a schedule that suits you. There is no live forum on automated programs and whilst we’re happy to answer questions in the office regarding some elements of the program, you are unable to submit unlimited questions to Janey as you can on a live program.. You do however have access to some previous program Q and A replays, you’re just unable to submit your own questions.

How to Start

  1. Choose a Making Things Easy program
  2. We do limit numbers and typically speaking on our live programs, we offer 25 early bird places, followed by 10-15 special rate places, before the program reverts to the full price option.
  3. Buy it from the secure online shop in just a few easy steps
  4. You will receive an automated response with
    • telling you when your joining instructions will be available
    • joining instructions on how to access pre–course modules if you’re about to start a LIVE program, or
    • how to start your program straight away, if it is an AUTOMATED course
  5. You can then access your package which is broken down into chronological modules and you’re away!
  6. Once you have completed one course, you may decide to do another — if so, simply choose the program, pay for it and your new access link will be emailed to you.
  7. Use your previous login details and the course content will be displayed in your personal online area underneath your first program purchase.

It’s as simple as that.