How Mindful Chef helps keep my family healthy

As a health coach that has been helping people take command of their food management (including family food management) for over 15 years now, I found myself a bit stuck with my twin boys a few years ago, because they weren’t very adventurous and the only vegetable they’d really eat was sweetcorn.

Healthy eating is one of our core home values. We have house rules that include eating a low wheat, dairy and sugar diet, making sure there are vegetables at every meal and ensuring weekday snacks are healthy like fruit, crudites, olives and nuts. We don’t eat puddings or have sugary snacks at home – we save our sugar for ice-creams on the seafront where we live, at the weekend!

But in autumn 2016, I started to order Mindful Chef meals and our whole mindset around food completely changed from the get-go. A few years on my twins (now 11.5 years old) are obsessed with Mindful Chef. They love trying the new recipes each week, ask to prep them, are happy to try anything that turns up in our recipe boxes and the way they eat has completely changed.

One thing I realised from having Mindful Chef was that although veg wasn’t always easy, they absolutely loved all the herbs and spices which Mindful Chef meals are packed with.

So rather than forcing them to eat veggies, and me get frustrated when they spat them out and made faces(!), I just kept encouraging them to try the flavours and sauces, while teaching them which countries the recipes and herb combos came from. And one of their favourite times of the weeks is when our box arrives and they get to see what we’ve got.

They love all meat and fish (and now tofu and tempeh!), but now they’ll eat them in curries, with herb crusts, they’ve effortlessly transitioned over time to really like onions and chillies and even lentils (with no nagging from me whatsoever!). And they absolutely love the Asian food combos – their favourite being the peanut satay tofu.

I think it’s really important for boys to spend as much time in the kitchen and one of the greatest things about our journey with Mindful Chef is just how much time we spend together in the kitchen now. They help prep all the ingredients, they love to cook it all up themselves. And it’s a time of the week we all look forward to, providing us with such quality time together a few evenings a week.

For me personally, the biggest reward is the fact that we end up eating so many delicious meals that I know would simply not get on our table without Mindful Chef delivering them to me! I’m a single working Mum of 3 and whilst health is important to me, I just don’t have the time to source and shop for new recipes. So it’s made my weekly food planning effortless. On Mindful Chef days I know I’ve got super tasty and mega easy meals (I’m a huge fan of the 15-minute meals!). And on the other days, I can plan some less creative but easy, healthy dinners which means no food prep stress, but lots of highly nutrient-dense ingredients over the week.


I eat mainly plant-based food, but one of the things that I soon came to realise about Mindful Chef is the quality of the ingredients, particularly the steak and fish. I typically don’t buy or cook meat and fish from the supermarket now. I save that for Mindful Chef deliveries! And I personally can’t live without their healthy chef-prepared vegan frozen meals, they are perfect to throw in the oven at the end of a particularly busy day and they taste amazing too.

We also really love the new family meals that have recently been released and so far our favourites include the Flat Iron beef steak stroganoff, Furikake crusted salmon and Red lentil dahl with rice. Yep, my previously plain eating twins even LOVE dahl! I still can’t get greens into them (they do have a green smoothie before breakfast and they now also love veg soup so I don’t stress about that so much), but they are now happy to eat all the fresh herbs in our Mindful Chef meals and I’m sure it won’t be long until they’ll be eating everything.

I know that a lot of research suggests that when children get involved with things like growing food, being part of the process with getting food prepped and put on the table – and most importantly in an INSPIRED environment rather than a forced one – that children tend to eat better and be more enthusiastic and passionate about food. And I really believe that Mindful Chef meals, along with my positive mindset around trying food have been a huge catalyst to their new found love and respect for tasty, healthy food 🙂

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