How to eat at the airport

Yesterday Janey headed off to the airport before her family camping holiday in the south of France. She stayed one night in a hotel next to the airport before leaving for France today. In between taking care of her boys she’s been keeping us amused and updated with her thoughts and food choices at the airport. Read on to discover how to eat well at the airport and in the skies… (and what you should avoid!)

janeys hotel dinnerTUESDAY
I ate salad and soup based meals all day Monday and when I got to the hotel Tuesday night, I shared a main meal salad and a burger and fries but left the bread, croutons and coleslaw, so not a total blow out. It’s a good way to indulge without blowing the calorie bank completely.


Yo Sushi! Interestingly the majority of people eating here and at Pret were the healthy looking ones. Whereas the Hot dog joint, Wetherspoons and Starbucks were filled with people tucking into carbs and sugar – at the airport you really do see that you are what you eat!

Frankie and bennysFrankie & Bennys – This restaurant offers omelettes, salads and chicken/fish/vegetable based meals as well as burgers, pasta and the full English. It’s all about choice, there is a real mixture of what’s on offer. A little bit of focus at the airport when you know that there will be fun and foodie indulgences on your holiday is a no brainier, after all you don’t want to undo any work you’ve done to get you into that bikini.


This morning I discovered there was a small gym in the hotel so I did 60 mins fast power-walking – a great way to destress, and wind down for my holidays whilst burning some calories!

JAneys hotel breakfastBreakfast
As everyone tucked into two or three rounds of crappy food they didn’t want, the boys and I had a small breakfast. I had a coffee and muesli and the boys chose bananas and rice crispies. I love watching humans at a buffet – you can almost hear the ‘I really shouldn’t but I can’t help myself’ inner dialogues!



chocolates at whsmithIt’s no wonder obesity is such a problem in the UK when stores practice putting discount chocolate at the tills and actively offer one to every single customer – dig deep and exert your self-control here, ladies. WHSmiths is a particularly bad offender with masses of large chocolate bags at the tills and offering me a large bar at the till, so not needed!

And “Gourmet” Hotdog is a place you should definitely NOT be eating at, regardless of where you are!

hot dog joint

Hydration is key when you’re flying, water is the best but I took an empty bottle through security and have diluted fruit juice bought airport side with some still water so it’s not too sugary. I don’t need hyper twins on the plane! A great tip for those of you travelling with little ones.


pret no bread sandwich

I was gagging for some raw food after only a small bowl of muesli at breakfast and luckily Pret saved the day, as always with it’s great crayfish No-Bread Sandwich.  A great pre plane munch and I also got the boys some plain popcorn for the flight.



pret wrapON BOARD
I picked up an Avocado, pine nut and salad wrap at Pret. It’s not wheat free but there were no other wheat free options there and I knew this would be far better than Ryan Air sandwiches!


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