FREE WORKSHOP: How to make your business more successful and enjoyable – EVEN in lockdown!


With news of another full National lockdown I’ve been inundated with emails and messages from small business owners – all packed with fear, anxiety and doubt.


How can I make my business work now?

I had a plan which I now need to change!

I’m not sure people will buy from me now!

How can I have a successful business with my kids off school?

Everyone’s going to be distracted and stressed!

How can I keep focused when I’m juggling so much again?

I’m so annoyed!

Shall I not set my business up now?

I don’t know what to do!



WOAH… just STOP!


Breathe and let me help you!


I recently ran a 60 minute business workshop – during this practical and upbeat Zoom video call, I shared the 10 things you need to do in order to keep calm, stay focused, take command of your time and thoughts. And the power actions you need to consider if you want to make your business SUCCESSFUL and ENJOYABLE this year – YES even with a National Lockdown!

I also shared the importance of being flexible with your business planning and goals – because some people are 100% going to need to give themselves permission to do less if they are home schooling. And indeed many small business owners are going to need to learn to switch tactics, adjust how they do things AND for some, it’s about looking at what you need to make (for financial reasons) and thinking totally out the box to meet your income needs.


For those who don’t know me well… I’ve became self-employed 20 years ago, I then went on to set up a Ltd company and grew it very fast with no formal business training. I’ve pulled a business through a recession and I completely pivoted what I did in business 10 years ago, setting up a second business as a result.  I’ve also been a single Mum for 11 years – I know how it feels to have goals, be time poor and still make great things happen. So I understand small business highs and lows and how to get through plot twists more than anyone.


And I’m ready to help you!


Even if you’re not affected by a lockdown (as not all my clients are in the UK), this workshop is packed full of awesome mindset tips and practical power solutions that will positively impact any small business owner. Everything I shared is totally transferrable to all sorts of business and indeed life scenarios!


Sign up in the box below to get the workshop access link – you will immediately receive an email containing the replay link and password.


I had a really, really successful business year in 2020, not despite of lock down but because of it.  And I also helped many small business owners do the same. By doing the very things I shared in this workshop.


I took command of what I thought, how I responded, the way I saw my business and how I showed up. I took my business seriously, I made the decision to really enjoy it  and I owned my time management like never before.


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Looking forward to sharing many, many pearls of wisdom with you!

Janey x

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