How to prepare for a self-catering holiday

So this week I’m off to the South of France for a well earned holiday! I’m off glamping (mobile home with dishwasher, DVD and air con on a nice campsite with two pools on the beach!) for two weeks with my folks and boys. Hurrah!

People always ask me how I manage my health/weight/exercise on holiday and you know what, it’s actually easier than you think!

Firstly, holidays are to have fun and let your hair down, so you’ll definitely see things I don’t normally eat (pate, cheese, wine and the odd ice-cream) but I still avoid bread, pasta, big carb based meals and too much sugar and choose local fresh produce such as vegetables, salad and seafood.

As I’m going to be self-catering, with a fair bit of eating out too, I’ve already bought some healthy things for me and the boys to eat that means we won’t go off focus too much, yet still enjoy the treats that holidays are meant to have.

Here’s a picture of the things I’m taking:

janey hollidays food prep

Sainsbury’s High Juice – one of the only juices without aspartame and artificial sweeteners
Oat flakes – I prefer the more natural brands you can get in places like whole foods, but have these as a good wheat free alternative
Oat milk -you can buy these in the UHT section of all good supermarkets
Olive oil – can’t live without this, will buy fresh lemons out there
Innocent smoothies – for the journey and as back up when we run out of fresh fruit
Sultanas – the boys like to snack on these, especially when they are busy. It’s a good post-swimming treat for them
Tuna in sunflower oil
Selection of seeds – sesame, pumpkin and sunflower, nuts I’ll get out there
Seeds of Change pasta sauce
Dolmio stir through sauce
Three jars of pesto – my boys have this most days
Two kinds of Ryvita – if I indulge in a bit of pate and cheese, I don’t need the bread and also good for a light breakfast with peanut butter
Ketchup and full fat mayo
Wheat free pasta twirls and spaghetti
Quinoa – Merchant Gourmet that you can boil in the bag
Baked beans
Corn crisps

And I’ve also packed some turmeric, aloe juice and coconut oil for my daily health habits we are doing on the Best Body Bootcamp.

I won’t be juicing when I’m there but will eat vegetables/salad/raw food at every meal.

I’m also going to exercising every morning, a) for some me time and b) to balance out excess calories from wine, pate, cheese.

I’ll swim and find a good power walking / running route by the sea and take my dyna band with me.

I’ll probably gain a few pounds whilst I’m away and quite right too, I like to retain a little bit of focus but holidays are about fun and I intend to have some.

Look out for my photo food diaries that I’ll be posting each day, so you can see how I incorporate all this over the fortnight

Au revoir!

Janey x

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