How to reclaim your mojo!

One of the things my clients often say to me is “I’ve lost my mojo, please help me get it back!” and I LOVE helping women do just that! 💖

By definition, reclaiming your mojo is To regain one’s confidence, energy, or enthusiasm, especially coinciding with a resurgence in one’s success”. And Mojo is described as your Magic power, influence and charm”.

So if you’ve lost your mojo or fancy a little mood, mindset and magic boost, read on for 10 tips.

I’ve also got a lovely freebie at the bottom called “Remember who the F*^k you are!” which is a great way to boost your mojo too!

When your mojo drops, try these simple things to boost you!

Lighten up and have more fun! Last summer, I made the decision I would have way more fun at home, with my kids, doing more things that make me feel good, having kitchen discos, goofing around, doing stuff I used to love as a kid, just being a lot less serious! Who knew that doing cartwheels and handstands could make you feel so good physically AND mentally?! Me and my daughter were doing them every evening in the summer hols and I loved it. I’m not saying you need to do cartwheels! But often your mojo returns when you stop being so serious and do more fun things. What are the things you know lifts you? What things aren’t you doing that could lift you? How can you be more light hearted? Get stuck in!🤸‍♀️

Ask yourself what you really need to do to get your mojo back? And if you struggle with this and don’t think you know the answer, try this.. “But if you did know what it would take to get your mojo back, what would it be? This flip of a question can be such a game changer – because questions like this trick our brains to release the info we need to know – deep down when we tap into our inner wisdom, we usually know what we need to do! I have got the greatest mojo I’ve had in as long as I can remember right now. For me, it’s because I’ve simplified my life, I’m doing more of what makes me feel happy and alive,  I’m compartmentalising the different areas of my life, I’ve got lots of sunshine pumping people around me that make me feel so good, I’ve got an incredible coach and awesome mentor and my intention is to keep doing more of what makes me feel that I’m dancing through life again! What do you need? Dig in and it’s there!

What are you thinking about, focusing on and telling yourself right now? Because whatever this is, that will be creating your feelings – because thoughts create our feelings! When I’ve lost my mojo and looked at this I’ve realised that a huge part of the problem was what I was thinking, focusing on and telling myself. A loss of mojo is often a loss of positive, empowering and encouraging thoughts, a lack of taking in good information and a dip in what you’re telling yourself about yourself and the world! Change this and you can change your state instantly sometimes!

Remember that wherever you are is temporary! Tell yourself that you CAN get your mojo back and you WILL get it back. Sometimes just some self-reassurance that where you are isn’t forever, is enough to take the pressure off and shift your perspective. Keep reminding yourself that your mojo is there somewhere!

Create mojo boosting diversions! These are things that take your focus away from where you are and any negative feelings. And things, people, time or activities that naturally lift you – like little low-vibe distractions. In other words stuff where you forget where you are, what you’re struggling with and crucially difficult or negative thoughts find it harder to reach you. Uplifting music, an aerobics class, paddle boarding, a really deep conversation with someone (talking about things other than your struggles!) and watching goosebump reality tv auditions (no judgement please!), are some of mine when my mojo lowers.  Create a mojo boosting list if it helps!

Losing your mojo can be a good thing! Sometimes when we lose ourselves and find ourselves in a darker place, it can actually be the very best place to be – somewhere that will take you an even better place. You don’t need to always fight your loss of mojo; try leaning into it, see what it’s trying to tell you. Often your body and mind are wanting to give you some big clues as to what’s not working in your life. Listen to them, change things and your mojo may just suddenly appear!

Get out your current reality! One of the reasons we lose our mojo is because we are struggling with something or struggling with where we are in life and we make that current reality a fixed story, often bigger thing than it needs to be. We form the identity of someone dealing with that current reality and so your energy, excitement and enthusiasm for life and indeed your confidence and inner glow lowers or disappears. Where do you want to be, what do you want to be doing or feeling or having in your life? Focus on that, NOT where you are.

Maybe you’re just doing too much! Some people are just cramming in way too much in their lives with terrible boundaries and a lack of self-care – and then wonder why they feel so low. When you say yes to something you are indirectly saying no to something else and those ‘something else’s’ are often the things that boost your mood, mindset and mojo! Strip out anything or even people that aren’t your ultimate mojo boosters too. We only have so many hours in the day and days in the week. It’s not always about doing less, it’s about doing less of the mojo zapping things!

Write yourself into where you want to be! Rewriting your story is such a great technique where you consider where you are now and where you want to be and you write down how you get there and what you did to get your mojo back or create changes in your life. You can spend hours doing this – it’s a great little morning journalling exercise too! Just remember your brain can’t tell the difference between what is real or imagination – so you can go really big and creative with this stuff! We have often unconsciously written ourselves into the story we are in. Now,  consciously write yourself into where you want to be.

Stop giving yourself a hard time! A lot of my 121 coaching sessions and the Women’s Mindset Club Q and As are with women who are just giving themselves a hard time. It is practically impossible to have a great mojo, mood and vibe when you’re attacking yourself constantly throughout the day, with unhelpful, critical and totally unnecessary thoughts. You listen to these and what you listen to, determines how you see yourself and your life – AND how you feel! Be on your own side and everything changes!💖

Have a remember who the f*%k you are day! – I have one of these whenever I need a mojo boost! A day OUT your life, to spend some time being ON your life, is a game changer. It’s where you can reflect, connect, reboot and rejuvenate. And I always tell my clients to have one whenever they’ve lost their mojo!

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Janey x

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