Individual Programs

All of my individual programs and bundles, can either be bought individually. Or, everything below is included in The Women’s Mindset Club (£99 for a 10 week pass or £49.99 a month, sign out anytime).


Mindset really is EVERYTHING! And, it’s at the core of anything we want to change, achieve or have challenges with in our life.

My mindset resources include:

  • 30 Days to a High Vibe Life – A super simple life-lifting audio series – 30 x 5 to 8-minute audios to reboot your life mojo!
  • I’ve got the POWER – A powerful motivation program – 40 x 15-minute motivation audios to teach you than you CAN do it!
  • RISE – Get out of your rut for good – 6 x 30-minute audios with self-coaching eBooks to instantly take you to a better place
  • BEST – The ultimate, ultimate mindset program for women – 80 x 30-minute mindset audios to create your best mind, self & life
  • BEST: Business – The business version of BEST; teaching you how to create a successful and enjoyable business – 30 x 30-minute audios combining the essential mindset and practical components of running a small business This


There are a series of brand new bite size bundles that are in The Women’s Mindset Club and some (the ones linked up) can be bought individually

  • Time Boss Express – 5 hours of time management
  • Summer Holiday Sanity Planner – Your summer 2023 must-do, if you want to have fun, juggle everything and stay sane!
  • Remember who the f&*k you are – In need of a mojo boost and identity lift? This is for you!
  • End emotional eating and understand health psychology
  • Mindset Must Know’s
  • Mindset HOW TOs
  • Daily Mindset Practice


My career started in the fitness industry back in 2001. And health to me is the foundation to all the things we love and enjoy; without it we lose everything. As a former exercise hater and sugar addict, I promise you that anything is possible!

The health and fitness resources include

There are SIX online bootcamps to choose from:

Each Bootcamp includes online fitness videos, healthy eating and positive lifestyle advice, plus some offer daily emails and audios packed with inspiration so you can feel inspired everyday!

Remember ALL of these programs are included in The Women’s Mindset Club membership!