Inspired action

I wanted to introduce to you all today to a concept called ‘inspired action’. It’s something I’ve started to experience a lot in my life over the last few months and I highly recommend it!

Before I go into what inspired action actually is, I want to explain the opposite, which is what many people do when trying to achieve their goals and indeed the way they live their lives. And that is pressured action, or massive action. ‘I must do this’, ‘I have to keep trying’, ‘Only hard work will get me to where I want to be’, ‘I must keep pounding the pavement until an opportunity comes’, ‘If I slow down, I’ll miss an opportunity’, ‘If I don’t keep up, I’ll be out of the game’ etc. And as you can probably sense, this type of thinking or living is exhausting and actually quite negative. Yet people do it all the time, not just with their work and lives, but their health and fitness too. Set those goals, fail if you don’t achieve them, go, go, go… Ugh!

Inspired action, is what I call effortless action. Instead of your actions being influenced by external pressures or panic thinking and doing, you actually pay attention to internal cues. Trusting that you know whatever you want to achieve will happen, that the right people and opportunities will arise when you need them, having a sense of calm as you around your day-to-day business.

It’s also the difference between choice and force. How many of you wake up and think ‘I really don’t want to get out of bed to train today!’ or ‘Oh no, not another late night working in the office!’ or ‘Why is my to do list so long?!’. It’s panic, stress and negative emotion, that quite frankly we can all do without. How about switching this pressure of this negativity into inspired action. Such as ‘I’m getting up early because I’m choosing to do something good for myself’, ‘I don’t mind working late because I have pride in what I do, I’m part of a team and this isn’t forever’, or ‘I’m in control of my life so let’s see what I really need to do first and leave the rest for another day?’.

Or, if you really aren’t happy about something (your life, body, circumstances), trust your authentic instincts (where that inspired action really comes from!) to say ‘I need to make a change, I want to make a change and I’m going to do this on my terms’. Doing things authentically for you, means you do things in your own pace, doing things that are right for you and blocking out the noise and pressure of others.

I work with so many women who go about their lives and the changes they want to make with that massive action and pressured approach I just mentioned. I have been guilty of it in the past, both in my work and personal life. It nearly killed me! But in recent months, I’ve trusted where I’m going and allowed things to adjust and change, without fighting them. As the vibes from my thoughts have changed, the right frequency has been created that is attracting all sorts of great things into my life. I’ve also got a peace of mind; I don’t ever think I’ve had before.

Most of my inspired action has come from striving to become the best version of myself, which has happened as a result of developing (and subsequently following!), my nine steps to being the best that I’ve created for my BEST course over the last 18 months:

1. Taking control –in a calm and relaxed way, creating the right vibe for change
2. Creating more self-respect – doing things that are authentic and right for me
3. Looking after myself –sleeping as much as training, being kind instead of critical
4. Letting things go – because you can’t change the past and being stressed is a waste of valuable energy and time
5. Sorting out my priorities – because doing first things first creates efficiency, better flow and more time to have fun!
6. Lightening up – we all need to laugh and chill out more (this was a favourite one for me!)
7. Finding your inner confidence – I’m yet to meet a woman who has this completely sorted, but I’m well on my way now
8. Beating self-sabotage – This is something I see so many clients fall on, literally on the last hurdle too. By knowing your sub-conscious will try to ruin your progress, you can override it and get to where you want to!
9. Making things easy – simplifying my life has completely enhanced my life and I wish I’d done this sooner!

As you go about your business today, this week, this month, think about the pressure you feel or the way you approach things. Start from the inside out, create that nice vibe and try to do things with the lovely, effortless, inspired action.

The definition of inspire is to breathe life into… Can you already feel how getting some life into your actions would make things pretty magical?!

Let me know how you get on!

My 40 week coaching programme BEST starts in just under four weeks and it is full of inspired action, helping you become the best version of yourselves. Places are filling up, so secure your place here.

Janey x

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