The Procrastination Buster Bootcamp Introduction

Here is some key information about the Procrastination Buster Bootcamp!

  • It is a bootcamp, that won’t feel like a bootcamp! Think of it as a 3 week experience where you will be enlightened, educated and empowered to see procrastination differently. And work out how to peacefully push through it!
  • In fact, we’ve started referring to it as The Overwhelm Obliterator Bootcamp!
  • I promise to make it uplifting, fun, refreshing and light hearted. But we will absolutely be turning your procrastination around!
  • The bootcamp officially starts on Monday 15th September
  • There is NO prep work needed before we start
  • On Monday 25th September at 6am UK time, your first email and audio will arrive in your inbox at 6am UK time – please add to your contacts so the email won’t bounce or go to spam
  • The last email and audio will be sent on Sunday 15th October.
  • Your daily email and audio links will also be available on the previous welcome page in the WEEK ONE box (then WEEK TWO etc as the bootcamp progresses).
  • You do NOT have to be anywhere at anytime to listen to the procrastination buster audios.
  • Week one, it is JUST audios, no self-coaching, no procrastination busting exercises – I’m easing you in nicely and making the first week as simple as possible!
  • There is NO such thing as falling behind! You have content for life.
  • But with the audios just being 10 minutes a day, I would advise you to listen to them each day! Creating momentum helps, but the all or nothing mindset doesn’t.
  • So if you can listen daily; GREAT. If you can’t, just explore the reasons behind this (because it will be some form of procrastination ha ha!)
  • What would probably be helpful, is for you to create a little routine / habit when you listen to these, so you get into a positive pattern
  • You can listen to these on the go, you don’t have to make notes. It isn’t a study program!
  • But there will be mini daily call summaries added to the procrastination buster bootcamp content area, should you want to read, download, print etc. And you may want to jot down some notes after listening to the audios
  • You may want to buy yourself a nice notebook to make notes in, not just for remembering powerful things in the audios, but also any lightbulb moments as you make your way through your day or this 3 week bootcamp experience.
  • Feel free to listen to the audios more than once!
  • There are self-coaching questions that come out in the daily emails from week 2 They are optional. You don’t have to do them, but they are designed to build on the audios and give you bespoke breakthroughs!
  • At the end of the bootcamp, there will be a bootcamp wrap summary call and ebook with all the call summaries and self-coaching questions in one place so you have that to reference back to. So some of you may prefer just to listen to the audios and then do the coaching afterwards – there is no such thing as a right or wrong way to do this!
  • It is a live bootcamp experience, meaning you have access to the The Women’s Mindset Club Facebook group (see link below to join!)
  • AND there are 3 Q and As! One in week 2, one in week 3 and one after the bootcamp has finished. This means I can cover any questions you have about anything you’ve listened to, or get tailor-made advice on any particular struggle you have and need help with.
  •  The Q and As will be a group live coaching calls on zoom and a replay will be made available afterwards.
  • Please click the Q and A box on the previous page to get the call links and details of these – the times and dates will be uploaded on 8th September and I will be doing a lunch time one and two weekend ones.
  • You do get out what you put in. Yes you can just listen. But if you really struggle with procrastination, then as I mentioned above, I’d advise you to get a little notebook or folder and after listening to the calls, make some notes and write down questions for the Q and As.

Let’s do this shall we?!

If you’d like to join the Women’s Mindset Club Facebook group, and not in there already, you can do that by clicking HERE.