Intro – Turn Your Life Around In A Year!

It’s time to very gently get started!

If you’re reading this after 1st November, this means the SET UP phase is now available.

But before you start the SET UP Phase, please do watch the short intro video below. And to help you complete the detailed questionnaire in the SET UP phase, it is still very much worth downloading the 2024 wish list ebook below which has 5 questions.

Once you’ve done that, please head to the SET UP page (click here to access – or access from the previous page where TYLA boxes are!)

  1. Please CLICK HERE to watch a 6 minute welcome video! Passcode: ?Hf$4Bc0
  2. Please CLICK HERE to download a super simple 2024 wish list template for you to go and fill out (you don’t need to do anything with this yet, I just want you to take 5 or 10 mins to really think about what you’d love to be looking back on and get yourself excited about the year ahead!
  3. Please email us your address IF it is different to the one you completed on signing up
  4. If you can only make either Monday or Friday lunchtimes, please email us so we can prioritise your group time sooner rather than later
  5. When ready please complete the SET UP phase questionnaire and send back to me by 18th November.

I am SO looking forward to working with you!

Janey x