Is the quick-fix culture failing us all?

We all know that we’re living in a fast-paced society and a society where we’ve got used to things happening instantly. If we need to find something out, it’s at our finger tips. Need to change plans, we can text. Something happen in the world, we know about it that minute. Want a new coat, considered it ordered. Want a new body, we’re told it only takes days. Need more money, we can borrow it now. We are so used to everything being done so quickly that if anything takes time, we don’t like it!

We see things instantly, we want things instantly, but we get pulled from pillar to post with images, messages and information and what I’m seeing more and more of, is women not prepared to put in the time, investment and effort to get what they truly want and deserve, but then feel disheartened and frustrated when they can’t make things happen!

The quick fix culture is encouraging people to do things like:

  • Cherry pick information
  • Skim through education
  • Do things occasionally
  • Have a half-hearted mentality
  • Interested in getting results
  • Wishing things would happen
  • Rushing and not enjoying the process
  • Moving on from one concept to the next without following through
  • Creating confusion as the next quick fix fad is always round the next corner
  • Becoming incredibly overwhelmed
  • Fail and be miserable!

You may get some short term results with this approach, but no real long lasting changes AND it is more expensive in the long run as people stay stuck on this insane cycle.

An example of cherry picking and skimming is this: I’m not a fan of the Atkins diet as many of you will know but the biggest problem I have (as those who work for Atkins would agree with) is that 90% of people who do Atkins only do phase one. They get the results quickly, leave the rest of the program out (phase two and three) with no follow through as the program is designed. As a result people only do phase one (on and off), rather than do things properly. I see the same happen with lots of modern dieting concepts and principles where people mix and match what they want to from different things and when I ask clients the reasons behind them doing this, they say things like: ‘So much information out there…. not willing to put in the real work…. want to be able to cheat their way to results….get bored when it isn’t fast results… afraid that if they take their time they will miss the boat…I never finish anything… it’s too hard etc. etc. But then they stay stuck!

I’m also told things like ‘I need more food ideas and inspiration Janey!’ and I’m like ‘Do you really? Or do you actually have too many?’ Or, people say “I need a new program to follow” and I say “Do you or do you just need to do the one you signed up to in the first place properly?!” The quick fix culture not only creates things being delivered quickly. But also in mass amounts with masses of choices too!

Recently I coached a post natal woman who was desperate to get back into shape after having a baby, she set herself 3 months to get back to her pre baby weight. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?! It takes nine months to grow a baby, do you not think your body might flourish from taking nine months instead of three? I’m having a baby in March and believe me, there is no pressure on me to lose my baby weight quickly and I run a fitness and lifestyle business! Rush, rush, rush, results, results, results. How about some living and some being?!

At Fit for a Princess the best results we see are from the girls that come 3-4 times a week for a year or more. The clients who drop in once a week or when it suits them, often get frustrated when they don’t get the same results. But honestly, when anyone decides to switch and lock in for a year and commit to be fit by training 4 x a week, their fitness levels and bodies are never the same again!

I was recently criticized because my phenomenal Food Management Made Easy program that has helped hundreds and hundreds of women is 20 hours long. One so called media ‘expert’ said that I had to make my programs much smaller – could I not make this a 60 minute program because that’s what consumers apparently want. Well consumers may want it but it won’t change the way they eat because they need to learn food management. It is a skill, a process, it is education and it takes time.

Whatever next? Will we say to medical students that their courses are being cut from seven years to seven months or lawyers becoming qualified in a few weeks by snapshotting all the information. NO! Because real skills take time to learn. If you want to be good at something and achieve something great and long lasting, you need proper knowledge, thorough education, you need to practice it AND keep practicing for life! As my co-coach Gill Harvey-Bush says on BEST, Confidence and the Emotional Eating programs we run ‘PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT!’

Yes it would be nice if we could just wave a magic wand in life and get what we want instantly but that is a Neverland mentality. Yet something I see women constantly wish for!

Choosing to escape the quick fix culture is the best thing women can do. It helps them become:

  • Consistent with choices, actions and habits
  • More thorough, knowing what they really need to do for them
  • Much more committed to goals which helps increase self-motivation and results
  • Have a better understanding of what they need to do and how
  • More authentic and much more in control
  • Have more clarity which is less stressful
  • Enjoy a nicer pace that enhances all areas of their lives
  • Less panicked by doing things that are important each day rather than being in a constant last minute/urgent whirlpool!

One of the biggest fears women have about doing my 9 month BEST progam actually, is the fact that it is 9 months long. But this is so that it isn’t about a quick short-lasting fix, but an enjoyable experience that means clients can implement changes, have support along the way, take their time to unravel the things they need to and make improvements that last a lifetime! I can’t help my clients quickly with big life changes and any coach or inspirer that says they can is telling porkie pies! My business is called Making Things Easy, not Creating Things Quickly!


Finally here are my top 5 tips to get out of the quick fix!

  1. Really learn a skill – getting fit, confidence, mindset, self-motivation etc.
  2. Invest in yourself properly – quality not quantity, more investement to start with is often less in the long term
  3. Give yourself enough time – set yourself a goal and then double the timeframe. And CREATE more time – you and only you are in control over how you spend your time.
  4. Persevere – when things get tough and you want the quick escape route, stick with it. Don’t look for other / alternative / quicker options.
  5. Be patient – Rome wasn’t built in a day! Most people don’t realise how close they are to making proper progress when they switch routes or give up.

And if you need help with any of this, you know where to find me! Send an email, call my office, I may run an online business but I’m an actual person who has each and every one of her clients and potential clients best interests at heart.

Janey x

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