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I’ve got the POWER” is a mind and life changing motivation program that will teach you everything you need to know about how to make amazing things happen – in any area of your life. Health, business, career, fitness, financial, family, home, relationships and more.

Whether it’s the big things you’re after, or indeed the small, I will show you that you DO HAVE THE POWER within you and that it’s a LOT easier than you think too!

I’ve got the POWER” is an audio-based program that is usually done as a 40 day program, or you can choose your own timeframe if you prefer

I’ve got the POWER” will not only help you set great goals, ensure you enjoy the journey and actually make the things you want to happen. It will also improve your mood and mindset and help you see yourself, your capabilities and your future life in a completely different way!



This program is on my GIFT TO WOMEN option (formally known as “give and gift it on“ )

This means that 5% of ALL my bookings – either from individual programs or my Life Management Hub membership (details below) will be donated to Women’s Aid (Women’s Aid is a grassroots federation working together to provide life-saving services and build a future where domestic violence is not tolerated) via Work For Good.  Work for Good is an official platform that makes sales fundraising easy and legal.




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💫 If you struggle with motivation, have lost your mojo or are finding life since Covid more of a challenge, “I’ve got the POWER is for you!

💫 If you’re confused because you don’t really know what you want, you find goal setting difficult and feel totally overwhelmed about making changes, “I’ve got the POWER is for you!

💫 If you’re frustrated because you know what you want and what you need to do, but you just can’t seem to get there; either because you’re too busy, have a negative mindset or sabotage any progress or success, “I’ve got the POWER is for you!

💫 If you’re exhausted from juggling too much, feel like you’re so stretched and doing lots of things not very well, but want to stop living this way, “I’ve got the POWER is for you!

💫 If you’re someone who want to become a higher version of yourself, is fed up of laying low and wants to take back command of themselves and their lives, “I’ve got the POWER is for you!

💫 And if you’re someone that would just love a decent dose of personal development and a little life in life, “I’ve got the POWER is also for you!

As a mindset and motivation coach, who’s been helping women with their health, businesses, families and lives for over twenty years, I’ve put together  “I’ve got the POWER” to help you think about what it is that you want and why… and then actually make that happen!


“I’m up to date on all the audios – just fantastic – your best yet Janey!  Really enjoying this program, it is making me see all sorts of things differently. – Julia Oldham, I’ve got the POWER client

Below is the full list of 40 Motivational audios!


I've Got The Power Motivational audios

  • Start of anything you want
  • Power actions don’t always look like power actions
  • Stop focusing on where you are and get connected to where you want to be
  • Thoughts create your energy, choose them wisely!
  • What choices are you making to make or break your goal?
  • Positive discipline
  • Self doubt
  • Self trust
  • Up level your focus
  • What to do when things get difficult
  • Self-sabotage, it’s just a voice
  • The beliefs you hold about yourself and your goal
  • Personal self-motivation methods
  • Motivational beliefs
  • Positive / Negative motivation
  • Identity and mirroring motivation
  • Visualisation motivation
  • Mental rehearsal motivation
  • Back in time motivation
  • Inspiration motivation
  • Daily motivation
  • What you can do when you’re going against your goal
  • Roll the film forward
  • Negative impact of others
  • Positive impact of others
  • Comparison and sabotage
  • Fear of failure and sabotage
  • Fear of success and sabotage
  • Do I really have what it takes to reach my goal?
  • Bad habits that crush your goals
  • Great habits that smash your goals
  • Time management & motivation
  • How to make things even easier for you
  • The greatest goal smashing mindset
  • Just do it!
  • What to do as you near the end of your goal phase
  • The ultimate goal growth mindset as you achieve goals (and don’t!)
  • Great goal reflections
  • The importance of celebration as you achieve your goal or end of goal phase
  • Go get your next goal!


Plus you will be taught the foundation of motivation with my 7 “I’ve got the POWER” motivation principles. Which means you will not only create the right and indeed magic goals for you, but really learn to enjoy the process of as well… No one said making great things happen had to be difficult and stressful.


My 7 key steps to motivation are:


  1. INSPIRATION – Finding your POWER inspiration that gets you fired up to create change or set a specific goal
  2. GOALS – Setting a POWERFUL goal or goals that make you feel excited and determined to reach – goals that you really do want to make happen. You might also want to stop using the word ‘goal’ if it shuts you down!
  3. ACTIONS – Working out what the most important things are for you to reach these and only doing the most important things that take you there – your POWER actions!
  4. THOUGHTS – Ensuring you create EMPOWERING thoughts that help you along the way so that not only you reach the goals you set but you feel fantastic whilst on this journey
  5. TIME – Making sure you are the time-management ninja! So you create the time needed to plan and prepare what you need to do and have time to DO what you need to do, to reach those goals. AND that you aren’t distracted and doing things that take you away from your goal – time management is your super POWER!
  6. TEAM – Surrounding yourself with people that are going to support you and cheer you on AND if it helps, that you can be accountable to
  7. REWARD – Creating your POWER prizes that you earn along the way as you complete small steps or get at the end when you achieve your magic goal


I will show you that it can be fun, exciting and empowering.And I’ll show you how to BE THE BOSS again.Remember, you can set ANY goal/s you want, in ANY area/s of your life and in ANY timeframe /s you choose too – you can also work towards different goals in different areas much more easily by putting into practice the “I’ve got the POWER” principles!



  • The 50 page “I’ve got the POWER!” Goal-setting ebook, including a series of “I’ve got the POWER!” goal-setting and mindset-boosting templates
  • 40 x 15 minute motivational audios (as listed above) – which you can set up to come into your inbox each day for 40 days and/or access all upfront
  • 40 empowering “I’ve got the POWER!” quotes and affirmations that are sent with your audio each day or within a pdf if you prefer
  • An abundance of complementary food, fitness and lifestyle resources (see list below)
  • A variety of helpful bonus content from time-blocking to self-sabotage
  • Over 20 hours of online fitness workouts (see list below) which if you get the Vimeo app you can download them so you don’t even need the internet!
  • You get all content forever (you can also download all the audios into an iTunes playlist!)
  • You pay one lifetime price of £79 and can set off your daily emails and re-do the program as many times as you like, as you set out to create new goals

“Janey, I LOVED the first POWER-BOOSTER call, so so inspirational and helpful, got so much from it, thank you!x”




BONUS freebie content!

The food, fitness & lifestyle resources!

Some people choose to focus on health and fitness, others business and finance, some family and home. But if you’re choosing health and fitness, there is an abundance of food, fitness and lifestyle content 🙂

I’ve got the POWER food principles, eating plans and shopping lists and recipes  –

3 Ebooks and 20 minute audio covering all 3 Ebooks

A comprehensive but simple resource that combines my positive food principles and really simple, time-saving recipes and easy eating plans


I’ve got the POWER fitness options – Ebook and 20 minute audio

This resource will explore all your fitness options and how to choose different workouts depending on your goals. We do provide an online fitness library (see below) with 20 hours + of online workouts – but this will explain how you can mix and match all your fitness options


I’ve got the POWER how to lose weight / change shape – Ebook and 20 minute audio

Some women may want to create a specific weight loss or shape change goal and this practical, educational resource will share what you need to consider if you want to do this.


The online fitness library!


Over 20 hours of online fitness workouts in one place – which are a collection of the best workouts taken from my previous online fitness bootcamps I’ve run in the last eight years– including cardio / HIIT, bands and weights, abs, power conditioning, Pilates and Kick Boxing workouts. As well as warm up and stretch videos.

These vary from 5 minute to 30 minute workouts, they are all in one place and can all be downloaded to the VIMEO APP, to be streamed offline.


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Janey x