I’ve got the POWER


 Many women have been pushed, stretched and pulled from pillar to post in the last 12 months.

With most juggling emotions, compromises and challenges like never before.

It’s all taken a toll on their mental and physical health.

With most having got caught up with crappy habits, stress eating and drinking, less activity and not being in a proper health routine.

Many have gained excess weight, are feeling sluggish or have lost their mojo.

A lot are feeling totally deflated.

And most women are struggling to reignite their motivation.



Well as The Motivation Queen, I have the SOLUTION….

It’s the 6 week, “I’ve got the POWER” program!


“I’ve got the POWER” is an audio based MOTIVATION program (with an abundance of food, fitness and lifestyle resources too) – that teaches my 7 key principles of motivation (more on that below!)

It is full of self-motivation strategies, mindset switches and practical tips – with stacks of encouragement, accountability and support.

That will help women take back command of their time, thoughts, boundaries and choices  so they can thrive physically AND mentally again.

You CAN absolutely achieve the energy, vitality, body, health, strength and mindset you want.

You CAN create and reach any goal you set.

And you DO have the power within you to make that happen.

You just need to UNLEASH it!

As a mindset coach, health coach and former outdoor bootcamp instructor / personal trainer – with 20 years experience helping women with their bodies, health and minds – I’m going to combine everything I know to show you HOW.


And OMG, we’re going to make it so much FUN… Because the more fun, the more likely you’ll do something right?!



In this hugely uplifting 6 week experience, I mean it’s going to be off-the-scale motivation! You’ll be working alongside me every day – AND be amongst an awesome group of women, striving for similar body, health, life and mind-enhancing improvements.


🚀You’ll be taught HOW to create amazing goals

🚀HOW to enjoy the changes you’ll need to make

🚀And HOW to achieve what you WANT!




I’ve got the POWER is running from Monday 19th April to Friday 28th May. 

With a mini prep phase from Wednesday 14th April to Sunday 18th April.



The core of the I’ve got the POWER program are based on my 7 steps to motivation:


  1. INSPIRATION – Finding your POWER inspiration that gets you fired up to create change or set a goal
  2. GOALS – Setting a POWERFUL goal or goals (or direction if you prefer) that makes you feel excited and determined to reach! And goals that you really do want to make happen.
  3. ACTIONS – Working out what the most important things are for you to reach these and only doing the most important things that take you there – your POWER actions!
  4. THOUGHTS – Ensuring you create EMPOWERING thoughts that help you along the way so that not only you reach the goals you set but you feel fantastic whilst doing it!
  5. TIME – Making sure you are the time-management ninja! So you create the time needed to plan and prepare what you need to do and have time to DO what you need to do, to reach those goals. AND that you aren’t distracted and doing things that take you away from your goal – time management is your super POWER!
  6. TEAM – Surrounding yourself with people that are going to support you and cheer you on AND that you can be accountable to – me! And your “I’ve got the POWER” buddies!
  7. REWARD – Creating your POWER prizes that you earn along the way as you complete small steps or get at the end when you achieve your magic goal (non food related btw!)



I’ve got the POWER” will teach you the format of MOTIVATION that can be applied to any area of life and any goal / direction you want to set too!

And what I’ll be sharing over the six weeks are totally transferrable methods that will last you for life.

When you want to set a new goal or if you ever lose your way with self-motivation, simply come back to the “I’ve got the POWER” motivation principles and audios – because you get them for life!




This program is packed with:


MEGA MOTIVATION strategies to help you set great goals and get you pumped for action

SUPER HELPFUL resources to make you think better and look after yourself more

TOTAL POWER tips that you can apply simply to super-charge your success

You all have the power in you and the “I’ve got the POWER” program will help you bring it all out – and some!


“I’ve got the POWER” program food, fitness & lifestyle principles:


The beauty of this program is that you can set ANY goal and do ANY thing to get there. You don’t have to follow my food, fitness and lifestyle principles if you don’t want to.   But there are 10 key “food, fitness and lifestyle” principles on the POWER program that will:

🌟 Enhance women’s mental and physical health

🌟 Help women get fitter and stronger

🌟 Encourage shape change and/or fat loss in women if they want it


These are:

  1. Move more – Activity, activity, activity!
  2. Exercise smart – Combining cardio AND conditioning (that’s resistance training and body weight work), but making sure you don’t over do it and kick off a stress response in your body
  3. Eat well – A diversification of whole foods and plant foods, increased protein, less carbohydrates and balanced essential fats – NO EXTREMES!
  4. Mindful eating & portion control – Eating smaller amounts and changing how you eat
  5. More hydration and less alcohol– Encouraging women to embrace low or more moderate drinking and keeping their bodies topped up with good quality, body enhancing liquid… water and all it’s healthy variants!
  6. Think differently – Positive thinking helps your body function so much better – your cells can’t sparkle and your body won’t respond well when you’re feeling negative or bad about yourself or your life. The better you think, the better your self-motivation too!
  7. Stress less – Letting go of the daily grind! And responding, processing and dealing with changes and challenges in a better way
  8. Down time – More quiet time, less technology and creating space for things that bring you a peace of mind. As well as more breathing and better sleep, which changes everything in women – from their mood, to self-motivation AND results
  9. Routine – Creating the right routine and patterns throughout the day and week is so important. Working out ‘what to do when’ is the key in achieving goals
  10. Fun – Creating a can-do attitude, with a smile on your face and a sense of humour over the six weeks!😃



Prep phase resources


The Prep phase runs from Wednesday 14th to Sunday 18th April, giving 5 days to ready for the 6 week program starting on Monday 19th April





You get 5 preparation resources to work through before the program starts:


  1. I’ve got the POWER goal setting prep – Ebook and 45 minute audio

Introducing you to the 7 MOTIVATION principles and a wonderfully helpful self-coaching resource – so you can work out what it is that you really want and start getting right behind your goal

  1. I’ve got the POWER food principles & recipes – Ebook and 20 minute audio

A comprehensive but simple resource that combines my positive food principles and really simple, time-saving recipes and easy eating plans

  1. I’ve got the POWER fitness options – Ebook and 20 minute audio

This resource will explore all your fitness options and how to choose different workouts depending on your goals. We do provide an online fitness library (see below) with 20 hours + of online workouts – but this will explain how you can mix and match all your fitness options 🙂

  1. I’ve got the POWER lifestyle changes – Ebook and 10 minute audio

An inspiring resource to share the importance of looking at other things than move more / eat less when you’re a woman and especially if over 40. It’s packed with simple switches you can make that will enhance your wellbeing as well as support you to your goal.

  1. I’ve got the POWER how to lose weight / change shape – Ebook and 20 minute audio

Some women may want to create a specific weight loss or shape change goal and this practical, educational resource will share what you need to consider if you want to do this.


But you can choose to do your own thing if you want!


These Ebooks and audios are packed full of power tips and simple principles to follow and /or choose from over the 6 weeks – based on my extensive 20 years experience and expertise.

But if you want to do what you want food and fitness wise, that differs from what I teach, that’s cool!

YOU DECIDE and there is NO JUDGEMENT from me!

In other words if you want to follow another diet plan and fitness routine,  you can do that, using all the core MOTIVATION resources to help you achieve whatever you want in whatever way you want.


What you get throughout the I’ve got the POWER six week program:


  1. Daily emails for 40 days with a 10-15 minute off the scale motivational audios to help you get to your goal. Plus an inspirational quote, daily affirmation and I’ve got the POWER daily coaching question in each email. This is a thought-enhancing and thought-provoking motivation program – mindset is EVERYTHING when striving for something you want!
  2. At the end of each week, you get a mini I’ve got the POWER motivation Ebook with all the audio call summaries from that week, so you can have a tangible MOTIVATION bible to keep and take with you!
  3. Access to the I’ve got the POWER secret Facebook group, where you can post what you’re doing, share goals, actions and achievements and work alongside me and your POWER team! We’ve also created some really cool I’ve got the POWER templates that you can (if you want to), put your own photo in for you to share ‘goal setting’, ‘goal in progress’ and ‘goal achieved’ posts in the group (and on social media if you want to!)
  4. Mini Motivation booster Q&As throughout the 6 weeks when needed
  5. “I’ve got the POWER” motivation play lists
  6. You get ALL resources for life!
  7. AND… everything is hosted in my BRAND NEW members log in area – easy to access, easy to navigate, easy to MAKE YOUR GOALS HAPPEN!




The “I’ve got the POWER!” Motivation audios


✨These 10-15 minute audios that are dropped into your inbox bright and early each morning for 40 days are absolutely packed full of uplifting messages to help you get to your goal!

✨As well as exceptional tips you can apply when you feel like you’re not showing up to your goal – so that nothing stops you from achieving what you have set out to do!

✨All these audios can be downloaded into your ITunes too (instructions provided), where you can create your own I’ve got the POWER playlist!

These audios are NOT done as “It’s day 1, it’s day 2” etc. Although it will say that in your daily emails 🙂

✨Instead there is a motivational topic of the day that will teach you so much about self-motivation that you can apply to any food, fitness and lifestyle goal you’ve created – AND indeed any other area of your life too!

✨This also means if you’re struggling with something and there is an audio related to that struggle, you can easily find it and listen to as a top up, whenever you need a top up! The repetition of positive, helpful and empowering information is a goal game-changer!

✨And each audio will be packed with tips to help you keep connected to your goal, encourage you to have a great vibe with your goal AND to help you achieve whatever it is you’re setting out to achieve!

✨I am the MOTIVATION QUEEN and this program has been designed to help you not only create the best goals for you and to achieve these.

✨But also to help you feel BRILLIANT along the way.


You’ve got this.

And I’m with you for every step of the way.



The I’ve got the POWER fitness library!


As well as all the MOTIVATION audios and FOOD, FITNESS & LIFESTYLE resources, there is also an awesome online fitness library for you!

With over 20 hours of online fitness workouts in one place – which are a collection of the best workouts taken from my previous online fitness bootcamps I’ve run in the last eight years– including cardio / HIIT, bands and weights, abs, power conditioning, Pilates and Kick Boxing workouts. As well as warm up and stretch videos.

These vary from 5 minute to 30 minute workouts, they are all in one place and can all be downloaded to the VIMEO APP, to be streamed offline.

You can understand more about how you can choose which workouts to do from these, in the Fitness options Ebook and audio 🙂


You can mix and match these with other fitness activity no problem, I certainly will be. I love combining outdoor exercise with online workouts!

And just so you know, you get all these online workouts for life too!


BONUS freebie content!

Extras to the “I’ve got the POWER” program include:


  • The Portion Control Ebook and audio taken from the 3PHealth program
  • Self-sabotage Zoom call with my co-coach and psychologist Gill Harvey-Bush, taken from the 3P Health program
  • Beat Procrastination call taken from BEST
  • My timeblocking webinar from Small Business Mindset challenge in 2020
  • My Power walking Program – with a power walking workout plan, a power walking technique video and benefits of power walking audio with all you need to know about one of my favourite forms of exercise!



There are TWO prices for this program. One is a discounted rate for those clients who have done one or more of my online fitness bootcamps before, or are currently on my 3PHealth program. The second is for clients who have not done my online bootcamps or not on my 3PHealth program.


Clients who are on the 3P Program or have done an online fitness bootcamp in the past

£99 one off payment

Clients who are not on the 3P Program and have not done an online fitness bootcamp in the past

£149 one off payment


Secure your place by clicking the pink button below! The joining instructions with access to the Prep phase resources and “I’ve got the POWER” Facebook group, will be emailed to you on Wednesday 14th April.



If you have any questions please let me know and if you have any friends who might be need my help, please share this page to them!

I cannot wait to help you thrive and feel alive again,

Janey x