Janey HolLidaY

Janey is a food, fitness and mindset coach, with nearly 20 year’s of experience in women’s health and fitness. She works with women all over the world, transforming their bodies, minds and lives with a variety of upbeat and inspirational online programs and her 1:1 VIP coaching sessions.

Described as “The woman who changes women’s lives”, “The Mary Poppins of the industry” and someone who can “Turn fitness rejects into fitness fanatics”, Janey’s “enthusiasm is contagious” and she has a special skill set that “empathises, engages and inspires others”.

A self-confessed former exercise hater and sugar-addict, this woman understands first hand the difficulties women have to motivate themselves to make better choices in their life. And someone who’s been a busy working single parent for 10 years, she knows more than anyone about the modern day juggles of work-kids-home!

A degree in International relations and with her first job working in Westminster for the government, she wanted to be a front line war correspondent. But a chance encounter with a fun fitness class in the year 2000, Janey was inspired to quit her job, sell her flat and become and aerobics instructor! Within a few months she was teaching 28 classes a week throughout London. She then went on to become a personal trainer and kick boxing instructor, setting up a PT studio in 2002.

She founded London’s most successful women’s outdoor bootcamp brand Fit for a Princess in 2006, set up a food management consultancy in 2007 and in 2011, she retrained as an online coach and migrated her offerings online.  Her first online coaching program sold out in 48 hours and since then she’s created over 25 programs – including The Tummy ATTACK, the  Busy Woman’s Bootcamp, The Sugar HIIT, Best Body Bootcamp, The SELF-CARE program, Emotional Eating, Confidence and more.

In 2013, Janey specialised into mindset side of coaching and created her BEST program which has run for 6 years since. BEST is a life-changing annual mindset program that “teaches women to fly”, by helping women think differently and create an authentic life where they truly thrive – helping women compare less, manage stress and improve confidence and self-esteem.

You can check out hundreds of testimonials about her style, program content and the results her clients have achieved on the jam-packed TESTIMONIALS PAGE!

Janey has featured regularly in national press and media, including the Daily Mail, The Stylist, The Metro all the top women’s health magazines. She was featured as an expert in the BBC Bullsh*t detective series and on ITV 1’s Kyle’s Academy show. She has also delivered a variety of motivational talks at high profile events and in corporate companies too.

Many of her clients are in the UK, but she also has a growing international fan base with clients from Dubai, New York, LA, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Switzerland, France, Spain, India and Canada taking part in her programs.  She also works with high profile clients and celebrities who opt for her exclusive VIP coaching service that she provides via video and phone coaching.

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‘Janey you are brilliant. Thank you a million times over for pushing me out of the world I’d been trying to get out of for 10 years!’

Sarah Buchanan, Scotland