3 MINUTE READ: What is self-care and how can it help you get better results & give you a nicer life!

Many of you will have seen that in 2017 I created a 28 day SELF-CARE bootcamp. It’s a truly amazing program that is designed to help women:

  • Put themselves first
  • Look after themselves like never before
  • Take command of their time, boundaries and choices
  • Prioritise their health, happiness & fitness goals
  • And learn the art of SELF-CARE!

But what exactly is SELF-CARE and why is it so important and powerful? Let me share my take on it….

Self-care is basically the behaviours, habits and actions that help us avoid getting tired, sick, burnt out, stressed, overwhelmed, unhealthy and unhappy.

And our self-care behaviours, habits and actions are the ones that benefit our physical and mental health, provide improved self-esteem, more balance in our bodies, lives and minds, better sleep, balanced hormones, they reduce stress, get (and keep!) us fit and strong along with providing us with good vitality, mood, energy and vibe.

Self-Care is different for everyone and so it’s essential to understand what self-care means for you. But generally speaking the easiest way to understand self-care is that it is looking after yourself rather than neglecting yourself in a variety of different areas of your lives and well-being.

For me personally, I believe that self-care is about defining your own health, life and body rules. Doing things and feeling things that make you feel happy and alive. Creating the right level of activity and exercise for you, which means challenging your body, but also listening to it- so training smart when you can and stepping out your comfort zone whilst also stretching and resting guilt free when you need to.

It’s about eating food that enhances your body’s strength and function that also gives you energy and satisfaction. Whilst (very importantly) allowing yourself to enjoy some of your favourite foods AND enjoy them without feeling guilty or bad.

I believe it is also doing the things that nourish your soul whilst ensuring that you are also prioritizing exercise and early nights- because they are good for you, even if you don’t always want to do them!

It’s also about creating better boundaries in our lives, ensuring we are putting plenty of deposits in the self-care bank and allowing ourselves the time to do things important to us, being in control of our choices and how we spend our minutes and hours each day. For many it’s about saying no to others more and saying yes to yourself and what YOU need instead.

It’s also about moving away from self-destruct and towards self-construct,

away from punishment and towards nourishment and ensuring that we are doing things that take us towards a place of success and self-care instead of being pulled away from it.

So how can the SELF-CARE bootcamp I’ve created, help YOU?

Well this 28 day program is so jam-packed full of self-care, I’m convinced no one can complete it and not have created a myriad of self-care habits, behaviours and actions that will last them a life time!

It incorporates food, fitness and feeling strategies to ensure women are nourished, physically, nutritionally and emotionally throughout the program and beyond. And it’s structured to be EASY to implement, because one of the reasons women avoid self-care is often because they say they don’t have time.

FOOD – Easy, simple wholesome food principles, easy eating plans and tasty recipes with a 47 page Ebook. Plus bonus female focused nutrition webinars to educate women more on the art of better nutritional self-care

FITNESS – Over seven hours of online videos- 30 minutes of workouts by five different trainers on five days of the week. Plus bonus Pilates videos and guidelines of how to create your own exercise plan that works for you, your level and interests and if you already have a current fitness plan that you want to blend.

FEELING – We’ve brought in my co-coach Gill Harvey Bush (psychologist and NLP practitioner) to provide educational mind webinars on emotional eating, guilt, self-sabotage and self-destruct tendencies – things that keep women stuck in a trap of the complete opposite of self-care!

Plus the daily emails and audios are packed with SELF-CARE food, fitness & feelings information and inspiration to help you learn, practice and implement the art of extreme self-care (if you dare!).

Take a look at the full program details HERE and it is currently on sale for £28 for 28 days!

If the SELF-CARE program isn’t for you, then please take away from this article remember the most important question to ask yourself around this topic….

Is what you’re about to do (eat, think, feel, do, say, tell yourself etc) taking you towards a place of self-care or pulling you away from it?

If you ask yourself this question at the various decision-making cross roads throughout your day, I promise that you’ll soon start realizing whether your behaviours, habits or actions are those of self-care or self-destruct.

Self-care feels great, I don’t believe women can get enough of it and I know what when women start treating themselves in this beautiful, self-respectful way (with food, fitness AND their feelings), results really do become easier and life way more enjoyable!

On the second part to this self-care series, I’ll be looking at the reasons women are resistant to self-care, CLICK HERE to read part 2!

Full details of the SELF-CARE bootcamp can be found HERE.

Take care and look after yourselves – because you’re extremely important!

Janey x





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