I want to do the content but worried I don’t know if I have the time to get full value?

If time is an issue for you, then I’d say you probably need this more than anyone! My advice would be to join on the direct debit, do the life management formula webinar to start with (which is an hour) so you can work out your priorities and create a simple plan. You might also want to sign up for the interactive club side – because I can then give you tailor-made help to your time issues. Time management is one of the areas I help women most with and you’ll be amazed as to how I will be able to help you create more time. AND help you chunk down the content to make it easier. And even give you some accountability1


I’m really busy in December and not sure it’s the right time to join now?

The founding member places gives you this introductory rate for life and this ends on the 2nd December. You don’t need to start straight away. My advice would be to use December to familiarise yourself with the content, do the life management formula webinar if you can find an hour. Or even just do something lie 30 days to a high vibe life – which are 5-8 minute audios (that you can listen whilst driving, doing chores etc – so you don’t need to find new time) and they are so uplifting they would make your December even more lovely!


I’m not sure whether to do the Life Management Hub or Club

It’s really down to whether you get value from being able to ask questions,  having a monthly set up group coaching call and regular contact with me. And whether you like being part of a group of like minding women. You DON’T have to come to any live calls if you don’t want to, you don’t have to have your video switched on for the zooms and you definitely don’t have to be in the FB group if you don’t like that side of things. Why don’t you try the interactive side for a couple of months (It’s currently £15 a month more than the hub) and then if you don’t get


What’s the difference between the Life Management Hub and Club

Think of it in this simple way, the hub is all the main program, calls and resources and the club is all of the hub with the interactive, tailor-made and group coaching side


Am I tied into a contract?

Absolutely not! You can sign in and out of anytime; whether paying monthly or annually. But if you pay for the discounted upfront annual payment, once that payment has been made there are no refunds. But you can cancel your next annual payment at anytime and right up to the day before the reoccurring payment is set to take the next payment.


If I decide it’s not for me, what can I do?

It’s easy, you can just unsubscribe at any time. If you are on the monthly reoccurring payment you are paying each month for the calendar month ahead. Meaning if ever you want to leave, then you can have access for the full month you have paid for and your next payment won’t be taken.


If I don’t need all areas of the hub, can I just pay for the parts I need?

The hub membership is priced based on that we know not everyone is going to need everything so no. However most of the hub content can be bought as individual programs, which you’re welcome to buy rather than subscribe to the hub.


What happens if I leave the membership?         

If you cancel your subscription, you will lose access to all the hub and club content at the end of the calendar month or year you have paid for.


What if I’ve bought your programs in the past, will I lose access to these if I join the membership and then leave?

No. Any program purchased outside the membership you have for life


It seems a bit unfair that I’ve bought programs at full price and now people can access them for £24.99 a month?

If you’ve bought previous programs, you have access for life, hub members only have access whilst members. Also we did a lot of analysis on previous pricing / length or course, predicted use in the hub from new members before making decisions. And because there is a lot of content in the hub, it would take people quite a while to make their way through it. It would be impossible to make your way through all the content in just a couple of months. Also most previous programs came with a big interactive side; where as the hub is resources only. This is why we’ve offered two payment tiers.


Can I move subscriptions from the hub to the club and vice versa?

Yes. But we would need to that via the office and get you to sign up on a different link – please email