Life Management Formula Summary

My Life Management formula webinar 

Where I help you evaluate what you need to create time for  – and this will look different at different stages of your life AND most importantly different times of the year too.

The formula is something I’ve built to help me manage my life better; both in terms of managing my time AND energy. I am a single Mum of three (one with additional needs), whilst running my own business and home solo. Many of my clients have tried and tested this formula and it has made a HUGE positive difference to them and their life.

This formula will help you be productive, but also more empowered and relaxed. It will also help you create the time, energy and headspace for the important things in your life.💖

⏰ The Life Management Formula through these 10 steps:

  1. Timeframe – choosing a timeframe to work on (month, term, quarter etc.)
  2. Intention – how you’d like to show up in this timeframe and how you’d like to experience your life
  3. Priorities – looking at what is most important in that timeframe (this may vary from timeframe to timeframe)
  4. Non-negotiables – the things that have to happen no matter what
  5. Mindset, help, inspiration and support – making sure you’re setting yourself up well and getting the support you need
  6. Habit / change / action preparation – creating some headspace so you can think about what you can do before you begin a new time frame
  7. Building a flexible plan that works for you (or strategy, focus, map if you don’t like the word plan as many don’t!) – in a way that works for your preferred organisation method (you can choose between excel, nice templates to print and fill out or there is advice on other ways you can do this too!)
  8. Creating your optimum week – Creating a weekly pattern that helps you balance out personal things, home, work/business, family, health – this may need to change depending on your priorities
  9. To do/ to don’t lists – so important if you have a lot on, are permanently in urgent mode and get frustrated that you always have things on your list that don’t get done
  10. Reflect, review, reset, repeat for a new time frame – because what we want, intend and plan can often be interrupted by life’s curve balls and reality!

This program combines utter mindset gems and powerful practical things!

On signing up, you have access to the Life Management formula!