Lighten your thoughts, lighten your life!

This is the core of lowering overwhelm!

And it’s challenging the 6 Cs of unhelpful thinking (catastrophic, complaining, critical, complex thinking, creating stories and comparison) and choosing calmer thoughts (AND tone!) instead, to help you feel better and cope better.

This module covers:

  1. What the 6Cs of unhelpful thinkingĀ are
  2. Tone, language and changing your state
  3. Understanding the tiger attack
  4. Lighter thinking and softer speaking
  5. An amazing attitude from here!

CLICK HERE for part 1 – a 30 minute audio (1 & 2)

CLICK HERE for part 2 – a 20 minute audio (3, 4 & 5)

CLICK HERE for the call summary transcript pdf

CLICK HERE for the work book and optional homework exercises


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