Living like Grandma!

Bringing old school ways into mad modern days. It’s time to free up some long overdue bandwidth in your brain, slow down a little and simplify your life – all key to lowering Overwhelm!

I go through:

  • The live like Grandma concept!
  • The ‘Information age’ and creating a healthy information diet
  • The throw back exercise
  • The three headspace essentials to lower overwhelm
  • Creating your ‘Simple living manifesto!’ Less is more, no is more, more JOMO!
  • Ideas for headspace habits, bandwidth breaks, upgraded routines, simpler check lists and new non-negotiables

I recorded this in 2 parts!

Part 1 – CLICK HERE for the 35 mins audio

Part 2 – CLICK HERE for the 35 mins audio

CLICK HERE for the Call Summary / transcript pdf

CLICK HERE for the Module 5 Workbook (which you can do at anytime)