Managing Modern Day Mayhem…

We are living in an incredible time there’s no doubt about that… technology, opportunities, travel, choices… All of which should give us a sense of freedom and empowerment. But with all of this, unfortunately comes information overload, less down time, confusion and stress, as people squeeze more into their days and their lives like never before.  But in what should be a really exciting era to live in, people are struggling – men, women and even children are feeling the effects of a more chaotic and frantic world. But there is good news! You don’t need to move to the outer Hebrides and take up yoga to get back in control… you simply need to manage modern day mayhem. Here’s how….


Limit choices

Did you know there are over 54 kinds of milk in the super market now? No wonder we are frazzled!! And when did coffee become so complicated??!! Just don’t allow yourself to be sucked in. Have a quick think, ask yourself what YOU need (not what is available to do you), make a decision, buy it and move on.   It’s the same with work options or  how to get fit or lose weight… we get so overloaded, we often switch off and don’t do anything about it at all! Ask yourself these simple questions; a) what do I want and b) what will work for me? If something works for you, you don’t need more options!


Ground yourself

In being swept up with the internet revolution and the opportunities given to us, many people have lost their sense of grounding. We get pulled from pillar to post and adults can often act like children in a sweet shop, being attracted to all of sorts of things around us, or what others are doing simply because they are there or others are doing them!  Working out what you want, what your values are and who and what is really important to you will 100% help you feel more in control (and perhaps even encourage you to do less!) as a result.


Minimise media

Media has become like our shadow, following us everywhere!  Papers, TV, and especially since the launch of tablet computers and phones – we have all become more addicted to the news and that’s a fact. There are over 100 news channels now and APPS for pretty much everyone of them. The trouble with media is it’s mostly bad news and that has a huge impact on how we see the world, the pressure we put ourselves under and it affects our mindset in a tremendously negative way. Do a 2 week media fast (no news, papers, tv, facebook) and see how great you feel.  Facebook has so many benefits, I mean how many of you have found old friends or ex-partners you would never have otherwise found, and how many of you keep in touch with family that are spread around the world? I certainly have!  BUT, and it is a big but…. New research is saying that some teenagers are now spending 35-40 hours A WEEK on social networking sites.. that’s as much as a full time job.. .No wonder we complain that we have no time and no wonder the nation is getting fatter. Limit time you spend and control what you read. Only you can set the parameters of your life.


Swap multitasking for mindfulness

We are distracted like never before and we brag that we are great at multi-tasking, but mutli-tasking is an illusion!  We are getting less efficient at work AND less efficient at play, hardly the point of creating technology and living in a flexible world!  Did you know that it takes less than 0.1 seconds to get distracted from what we are doing and almost 7 minutes to get back into our work zone? How many of you are guilty at checking your work emails when you are playing with your children? Not only do you miss out the valuable experience of being with your children, you also aren’t fully switched on to work mode anyway! Compartmentalise, focus and be switched on when you need to be and switched off when you can. Never mix the two, because you’ll actually feel more dissatisfied with your life as a result.


You choose the life you have

Many busy people who burn out say that time has just flown past and they don’t know how they got to that point. Well they got to that point because they let themselves get  carried away in the chaos and didn’t take time (or enough time) to really reflect on where they wanted to be and do. We are who we are today because of choices we made yesterday and what we do today will decipher where and who we are tomorrow.  Many people don’t take responsibility, nor give themselves the empowerment to decide what they want in their life and what they don’t. The only person that can do something about themselves or their lives is you.


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