Meet the SELF-CARE trainers!

Janey Holliday

A former exercise hater, Janey quit her job and sold her flat to become an aerobics instructor in 2001. Two years later she founded Fit for a Princess and never looked back. In 2011 she retrained as an online coach and founded Making Things Easy in 2012. The SELF-CARE bootcamp is the 8th online fitness bootcamp she’s created so far and Janey LOVES blending outdoor and online workouts (both as a trainer and doing them herself!). She is mad-passionate about Kick Boxing and combat moves and has been teaching Kick Boxing to women for over 15 years. She decided to provide something completely new for this bootcamp and we know you’re going to love these workouts to kick start your week!


Janey will be hosting the Monday workouts, so look out for upbeat, shape-busting combos that will work every single muscle in the body and give you an abdominal and waist workout like never before without a single crunch or plank in sight!

Katie Skrine

Katie is the head trainer at Fit for a Princess and has been teaching there since 2010! At the end of 2015 she launched her Power Conditioning classes and these are the most popular classes of our entire timetable. She is the loveliest trainer you’ll ever meet but be prepared for some serious burn!


Katie’s power conditioning workouts are every Tuesday and are filled with intense but low impact moves that will sculpt, strengthen and streamline your body like you’ve never seen before!





Sarah Honey Lawson

Sarah taught at Fit for a Princess in 2008 and 2009, then joined the army for four years and came back to Fit for a Princess (and ran the office at Making Things Easy!) in 2014. In 2015, she moved to Bahrain where she now runs her own Personal Training business called The Army Girl’s Guide. She is an experienced and passionate personal trainer who has a militant, determined but friendly approach to helping women reach their fitness goals! She has been one of FFAP’s most loved trainers and also featured in the MTE’s Sugar HIIT bootcamp in 2014.

Sarah is teaching the HIIT workouts on the SELF-CARE bootcamp all the way from Bahrain so look out for some great backdrops and some OMG killer workouts (with options of course!)

Zoe Kirby

Zoe has been a qualified nutritionist for over 10 years (you’ll find her hosting the bonus nutrition webinars with Janey in the food resources!) and after being an avid yoga fan, she decided to become a yoga teacher herself in 2015. She believes women thrive from breathing properly, exercising regularly and eating well.


You’ll be glad to be getting some gentler workouts from Zoe on Thursdays and as well as doing her yoga work out videos on these days, there are also some yoga wind down videos for you to do on a Sunday or any evening you choose to help you stretch and relax.


Lauren Pearce

Lauren, was initially an MTE client who after doing BEST in 2015, decided to quit the corporate rat race at 25 and leave London and train to be a fitness trainer! Since then she has launched her own fitness company in Lincoln, now teaches 17 classes a week and runs the MTE office. She has done all the previous online bootcamps as client and is also a Crossfit nut! Lauren passionately believes that you don’t need to be stick think and super fit to be healthy. Instead, by being happy, energized and strong you can feel fantastic and embrace your body, whatever shape or size. Here here!


Lauren is hosting the Friday workouts, which will mainly focus on cardio & core, whilst bringing in lots of strength and HIIT components too. Look out for her smiley disposition and brilliant (slightly sarcastic!) sense of humour to get you through her phenomenal workouts!


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