Make It Happen Club – January and February content

The Make It Happen Club is all about making small achievable and consistent improvements to your diet, lifestyle and exercise routines so that you can implement them with ease and stick to them rather than a short term fix.

We provide all sorts from mini challenges, top tips, planning and prep resource templates, as well as exercise videos, tailored Q&A audios to the MIH clients and lots more. The vibe on the secret Facebook group is buzzing and clients are loving it!

Here’s a summary of what our clients have received in January and what they’ll get in February… And you can have access to ALL of this for just £25 – IF BOOKED BY 9PM ON MONDAY! 


Make It Happen weekly planner
Priorities and Planning document
Mid-week review
Friday Reflection and Weekend Planner
Food Diary Template
Family Food Weekend Planner Example
10 day GET READY challenge
Weekly Compass Planning Exercise
Tabitha’s 7 Day Food Summary
Fitness Progress Tracking Chart

15 minute HIIT Build Up
10 minute Resistance and Cardio workout
Bonus video: Glute activation exercises
Fitness Test Form Video

Q&A audios:
Sugar and Booze Q&A with Janey
Food and Fitness Q&A with Janey and Sarah
Emotional Eating Q&A with Janey and Gill


7 Day Challenge
Monty & Harry’s 7 day Food summary
4 Week Progressive Cardio Training Plan
Morning routine template
Evening routine template
Vitamins and minerals for healthy bones and hearts handout
Half term 10 day challenge
Half term planning and self-coaching template
Stretch cheat sheet
7 Day Spring Detox Challenge

Cardio Blast workout video
Runner’s stretch video
NEW: 2 x videos of your choice: most requested videos will be made for you!

Q&A audios:
Food & Fitness Q&A with Janey & Sarah
Emotional Eating Q&A with Janey & Gill
Bonus BEST Q&A “Love More”
2 x Q&As from Janey


If you’d like to join the Make It Happen Club it’s simple!

You can sign up for just 1 month without locking in to anything else or committing to the year.  And we’ve reduced the price in February so you pay £25 instead of £30, PLUS we’ll throw in access to ALL the January content listed above for FREE!

Or if you’d like to join us and lock in for the rest of 2018 you can sign up with a £10 deposit and then pay by monthly direct debit. Again, you’ll get all of the January content for free!

CLICK HERE to sign up and book your place in the Make It Happen Club!