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My name is Janey Holliday,  I’m a Mindful Chef Ambassador and a health-and-wellbeing entrepreneur who provides online food, fitness and lifestyle programs for busy people!  I’m a food, fitness and mindset coach with over 18 years’ experience and I’m a single Mum of three (10 year old twin boys and a 3 year old girl) – living in Mindful Chef co-founder, Giles’ home town of Sidmouth in Devon!

I used to hate exercise and used to be a sugar addict so my approach is upbeat, practical and positive – who needs a lecture?!?! I’m not a nutritionist but work alongside some of the best in the UK who back up my food principles and often feature as guest experts in my programs and vice versa.

My speciality regarding food is EASY ideas that can be IMPLEMENTED successfully in NOT TIME at all. Plus I think all food should taste GREAT (why I love Mindful Chef so much!). I also count colours over calories these days and focus on nutrient density and portion control.

Please find below 3 different Healthy Eating Ebooks taken from 3 of my most popular programs to date – The Busy Woman’s and Busy Man’s bootcamp which launched in April 2019, the SELF-CARE program from 2017 and my Tummy ATTACK bootcamp which was created back in 2015.

While all three of these bootcamps have slightly different angles, the common theme within them is what I call my POSITIVE food principles. Eating principles that you can follow for life, which I follow 80-90% of the time, all of the time – allowing for some very important and guilt free indulgences! All three Ebooks are packed full of ideas, recipes and eating plans.

You’ll see that I’m a real advocate of as much plant-based food as possible, and keeping wheat, sugar and dairy at bay. I also advise eating low meat just because of the impact on digestion and the gut (and I used to be a vegetarian!), but remember I’m not advocating no meat, wheat, dairy or sugar, just LESS 🙂

I passionately believe in savoury breakfasts and eating greens at every meal – these two switches about 12 years ago were an absolute game changer for me and have really positively impacted appetite and cravings.

You’ll notice I’m not a huge fan of eating fruit. This is because a lot of gut health experts I’ve worked alongside have shared the impact of fermentation and candida from eating too much it. Also as a former sugar addict until I stopped eating masses of fruit, my ‘need’ for sweet things just didn’t go down. When I took fruit out, it really helped. Please understand I’m NOT saying no fruit. Just if you suffer from bloating and sugar cravings you might want to take it out for a bit and/or lower it, replacing it of course with AMAZING VEGETABLES 🙂

Take a look at the Ebooks below and feel free to download them, read and keep!

Mindful Chef Community members can also get 50% off my Busy Woman’s and Busy Man’s bootcamp by using MC50 on checkout – take a look at the program pages HERE

I hope they give you lots of ideas to help you eat more healthily around your Mindful Chef meals and if you have any questions please email info@janeyholliday.com.

I’d be happy to provide some top up Q and A audios if it’s helpful to you.

Best Wishes

Janey 🙂



Busy Woman’s Bootcamp – Eating plans & shopping lists

BUSY MAN’S BOOTCAMP (these are the same as the Busy Woman’s ones, just with different branding!)

Busy Man’s Bootcamp – Eating plans & shopping lists


SELF-CARE Recipes & Eating plan – FINAL


Tummy Attack Recipe Book PART ONE

Tummy Attack Recipe Book PART TWO