Mindset How To’s

Welcome to the MINDSET HOW TOs!

This lovely little, yet exceptionally impactful bundle, has six hours of absolutely action packed and empowering calls. Which will show you HOW to put some of the basic, but powerful mindset techniques into practice. With some of the key topics, I see many of my clients struggle with.

Five of these six calls are co-hosted with my co-coach Gill Harvey-Bush who is a psychologist, NLP practitioner and mindset / performance coach.

We’ve got:

· How to manage your inner voice

· How to deal with children who turn out different to us or how we hoped

· How to push through your not good enough beliefs

· How to choose, create and change your identity

· How to talk, trick, walk and write yourself into a new identity

· How to deal with complicated relationships


The cost of this bundle is on sale is £19.99 (full price £39.99), or it’s included in The Women’s Mindset Club subscription.


Or access it straight away via The Women’s Mindset Club

These calls have been listened to by hundreds of my clients who have absolutely LOVED them and found them invaluable in their mindset journey.

Throughout all the calls, we bring in lots of mindset tips and techniques that are transferrable to many different areas of your life as well.

I can’t imagine anyone, whose understanding of their mind and understanding others, not getting some major, monumental breakthroughs, with these life-changing calls!

We also recommend with this you consider getting the Mindset Must-Knows bundle too.

Janey x