MINDSET – Mindset is Everything!

As a mindset coach, I’m always so baffled why mindset isn’t taught at school, or a compulsory GCSE! Because mindset really is everything.  When you get your mind working for you rather that against you, your whole life changes in front of your eyes!

Here are 20 of some of my favourite mindset tips and techniques, for you to take away and start implementing today!

  1. In life, there is no such thing as a bad decision. Often the decisions we deem as bad actually become the stepping stones to greatness. But only when you can eventually join the dots backwards.
  2. There is no such thing as failure. You simply learn and gain valuable lessons. The so called ‘failings’, can actually be the absolute foundation for sky rocketing breakthroughs and success. Even when life feels really difficult, remember it’s not the final chapter of your life yet!
  3. Never give yourself a hard time. Whatever struggles you have, always operate from a place of trust and compassion that you have strength, things are temporary and there are solutions.
  4. Only put your focus on what you CAN control, otherwise you’ll go mad!
  5. Keep learning and live life with the growth mindset. We are all whinging it (life, business, parenting etc.) and we don’t need to know it all to be great. We can never know it all! Instead, lean in and learn with a ‘work in progress’ vibe.
  6. Never fear the hard stuff. We’re stronger than we think, we can cope much better than we give ourselves credit for. And as JK Rowling said “Rock bottom became a solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life”.
  7. Remember, it’s never too late to start all over, change path, do something different, or get your s&%t together! Vera Wang, one of the world’s greatest wedding designers, didn’t start making wedding dresses until she was 42!
  8. The only thought you need to change to alleviate pretty much 99% of all stress, anxiety and worry is the thought; “There is something wrong”. When you form the mindset and belief that nothing is ever wrong, it’s incredible how you approach challenges and view yourself. In your personal life, business, everything!
  9. Sometimes we look at decisions we’ve made in the past and go “What on earth was I thinking!” when we have that perspective of hindsight. Or, when new ideas come to light, or we have more life experience. We must always forgive ourselves for what we didn’t know then that we know now, with that perspective of hindsight. I call this ‘kindsight’!
  10. I want to remind you to never worry what others think and do your best not to let the opinion of others take you down. What others think of you is none of your business. And no one truly knows our back of house and inside our minds.
  11. We all have different values, passions, beliefs and maps of the world. Always focus on you and what’s important to you. Build your life around these, let others do the same!
  12. We must have the courage to go on our path, do things our way. And the more we can connect with ourselves and what we want. And put our blinkers on and keep in our own lane, the better our life experience will be. And the more confidence we will have too. AND the less we are likely to compare as well!
  13. I love inspirational quotes. And last week I discovered a new one on comparison that I wanted to pass on:“Comparison is the emotional debt we carry from investing in other people’s dreams”. Wow!
  14. Let’s focus on our lives, our dreams. And drown out the noise of others. I believe if we have dreams, whether big or small; we must follow them. Let’s dedicate more of our precious time, energy and headspace to create what WE want for us.  If there’s something you want and you can’t stop thinking about, don’t brush it under the carpet and pretend it isn’t there, go for it!
  15. Keep going, keep trying and keep doing. Get excited that some day, in some way (which you may not have thought about yet!), you’ll get to where you want. Or become the version of you that you want to be.
  16. But also remind yourself that perfection doesn’t exist. So take the pressure off yourself to take a perfect path or live the perfect life. Perfectionism is referred to as the ‘highest form of self-abuse’. And it’s usually created in childhood, to protect you from rejection. But becomes an exhausting double edged sword that you can live with forever unless you change the pattern.
  17. Success should only be defined by you. So keep tapping into what that looks likes for you. Remember, it looks different for everyone. Keep hold of your vision of success.
  18. Set the tone for how you want to show up in each moment and scenario. You choose this!
  19. Get right behind yourself, always. And get to know yourself on another level. Because the relationship you have with yourself is the most important one you’ll ever have.
  20. Get excited about your potential and capability. Be kind to yourself. Pace yourself. Trust yourself. Build beliefs that will help you get there!

And remember, not only is mindset everything. But we really do only have one life.

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Any questions, let me know!

Janey x

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