Mindset Must Knows

Ready to think differently to live better?  You’ll LOVE this bundle!

  • Want a crash course in how to master your mind?
  • Struggle with your inner voice and self-created stress?
  • Going insane by trying to fix and change things outside of your control?
  • Have a hunch that the way you’re thinking is holding you back?
  • Never been taught much about mindset and wondering whether it will really help you?
  • Want to dip your toes into the world of thinking differently to live better, but don’t have much time?

Then this 3 part bundle will be right up your street!

Just under three hours of audios (with pdf call summary bullets), that share hundreds of simple, mindset must-knows. That you can start to implement straight away!

No need to complete a big program, these three calls, really will set you on your way!

Part 1 – 50 minute audio, covering:

· Basics of mindset

· Understanding our beliefs

· The endless stories we make up in our heads

· Understanding maps of the world (one of THE most powerful things to know!)

· Back of house / front of house and incorrect comparison

· Why what you tell yourself can create your reality, choose wisely!

· Language and tone and how it impacts SO much


Part 2 – a 55 minute audio

· Basics of motivation

· Our energy and vibe and the role your mind plays in this

· Understanding the power of reframing and rewriting you story

· What CAN you control?

· Worry dump exercise

· Looking at what works and what doesn’t in your life

· Upgrading your identity


Part 3 – 50 minute audio

· The ‘drawing a line’ technique that will change where you put your mental focus

· Bigging yourself up more, bigging others up and the impact this has

· The magic of afformations (different to affirmations)

· The practical components of mindset; non-negotiables and the power of compartmentalising

· Communication basics; what NOT to say and do, what TO say and do.

· Choosing any scenario or struggle you have and use all the above to put into practice!


The Mindset Must-knows bundle is £19.99, or it’s included in The Women’s Mindset Club subscription.

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Mindset really is EVERYTHING. But they don’t teach us this at school!

Change your thinking, transform your life.

Master your mind (especially that nagging little inner voice) – and your entire life experience will change in front of your eyes, just like magic!

This bite size bundle really will set you on your way. Start it today and see for yourself! And you may want to check out the MINDSET HOW TOs bundle as well!

Janey x