More being, less doing

I’m seeing more and more women becoming busier and busier. Rushing around from one thing to the next, taking on more than they can chew, being afraid to say no to things they don’t want to do, being pulled from pillar to post and not finding the time for the things that truly matter to them is starting to take it’s toll.

Women’s health, immunity, body shape, fertility, vitality and happiness are being compromised as they get caught up (well actually as they allow themselves) with this busy bee syndrome – especially this time of year.

I think being busy is a learned behaviour that not only becomes habit, but becomes addictive as well. Often clients tell me they feel awkward and as if something is missing when they slow down or create space and so often they fall back into the busy-ness because it’s what ironically feels more comfortable.

But we are human beings not human doings. Of course we need to do things, but the balance between the two has definitely been lost with most women I come across. And many people are being busy doing things that they don’t want to do because they don’t realise that at any one time, they can change it. Everything we do in life is a choice.

As I power walked around the hills near my house this week, I listened to one of my BEST audios, called “More being, less doing’ that’s taken from week 37 (the 2016 BEST group finish in just a few weeks) and I’ve decided to share it with anyone who wants to listen to it. Because I want to inspire you all to make 2017 the year you take command of your choices and boundaries and reset your crazy busy life so there is more being and less doing. Doing too much has unfortunately become the norm and women also feel guilty from just being. I think there needs to be a big switch up with this.

So if you’re a busy person and feel like you’re a little out of control, sign up for this complimentary call replay below. It’s just an audio so you can listen to it in the bath, on your commute to work, as you power walk or heaven’s above take a proper lunch break and enjoy a nice healthy meal and some positivity instead of a sandwich over your desk!

The call is packed full of ideas to help you find more time for you, address the cultural habits of being busy, how to have better energy management, improve your boundaries, communicate better and ultimately creating a ripple effect of the change I think we’d all like to see.

Here’s what two clients had to say about this call when they listened to it earlier this week:

“This weeks audio certainly struck a cord had me in tears loved it thanks Janey. I’m going to sign up to next year’s BEST again – it’s been a life changer! Can’t thank you and Gill enough for what I have achieved this year you guys really should be knighted for your work”

“This call just made me cry. Thank you for sharing it”

Please click the button below to receive this complimentary audio replay:

If you need further help implementing better balance and self-care, you must come and do BEST 2017, we start on 9th January and we promise to help you implement any changes you want in your life, whatever your goals and wishes may be!

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