More FMME Testimonials

It’s definitely changed my outlook on healthy eating. I love how Janey promotes balance and encourages you to not feel guilty for ‘controlled indulgences’- this is definitely a new way of thinking for me!

It’s such great value for money!

I really enjoyed the program. It was extremely thorough and educational. I learnt a lot not only about food and food management but also about my body and how it works. I would definitely recommend this program!

£75 for probably adding years to my life = priceless

It has made me more aware of my emotional triggers – Janey and Craig’s (Craig Coman homeopath and osteopath with over 30 years of experience). Understanding the distinction between need versus want when it comes to food choices was a game changer for me

The best parts of FMME for me were the Food diaries, daily and weekly planning, working backwards from dinner planning and portion control

I would definitely recommend it to friends and family

I found the best parts of the program to be long term health and beat the bloat

It has improved my knowledge of food I’m much more aware of what I eat and how to make better food choices

I loved the Q&A’s and the forum as it was great to have all my specific questions answered. I also loved the bonus calls with Claire Zarb and Gill Harvey Bush

Thank you Janey for everything. I hope that this course is the beginning of some big changes for me. It has really revolutionized the way I think about food and my own behavior around eating, as well as considering my attitude towards my own body image. Can’t wait to try BEST next year!

I really enjoyed this course and the style of presentation.  It was delivered in a very enthusiastic and supportive way. It was encouraging, not preachy

I have found this program to be very useful it is full of Great content, and lots of information

The best parts of the program for me were learning about what to eat what not to eat, having my personal questions answered in the one to one Q&A that Janey gave and the long term health call, interview with Craig. (Craig Coman homeopath and osteopath with over 30 years of experience)

One of the best parts of FMME for me, was that the Information was in an easy to understand format e.g. how to read food labels

It has been such a valuable lesson learning about what to eat and what not to eat (and why). Absolutely fantastic program!

FMME has made me think v differently about food- what I eat, when and why and how. What else I could eat instead. It’s so easy to eat mindlessly in our culture and to overeat

The best parts for me were identifying what good foods I enjoy eating, vegetable juices(!), sugar content, and the call around self motivation and being positive – one I would go back and listen to again if I falter or need a pick me up!

I now eat properly and my relationship with food is so much more positive, thank you!

The FMME program couldn’t have come at a better time for me. From barely eating and having convenient foods on the occasions I did eat, I now manage my food better, identifying all the good foods that I enjoy and realising that it’s about giving my body the nutrition it needs and deserves. I love my vegetable juice in the morning, and would never have tried anything like that had it not been for FMME! Thank you Janey for sharing your food principles, and for helping me make it my own!

It has changed my life forever!

Learning how much I needed to change but also realizing how easy it is was for me to change. my eating was the best part for me

So many things just make sense now and I realise I have been eating so badly for so long but it’s not too late to make these positive changes that I can carry with me forever

Where do I start! I am pretty much wiping the slate of the last 40 years away and starting again. A big thing for me was in relation to fruit and sugar

Without a shadow of a doubt. I can’t stop talking about it at any opportunity!

Before I started FMME I had appalling eating habits; a diet of convenience food and ready meals, too much caffeine and sugar. I’ve been dieting for 25 years and I think my body was feeling abused as I just couldn’t lose weight anymore. I was obese, bloated, sleeping badly and had little energy

This course should be part of the national curriculum thank you Janey I feel like I have got my mojo back!

This programme is life changing. It is the second time I have done it and have gradually overhauled my life and approach to food management.  I finally feel in control and confident with my food management and on the path to being the person that I want to be