What my fitness looks like this summer!

Today my children’s summer holidays kick off! And the work-kids-home-summer-fun juggle starts! I believe in doing this all positively which is why I set up my healthy, happy summer campaign!  Catch up on my last two blogs, ‘How to have a healthy happy summer’ and ‘5 ways to have a fun and stress free summer with your kids’.

This video blog is all about what my fitness looks like over the summer holidays! It changes week to week depending on what I’m doing, how much I’m working and whether I’m at home or away on holiday. But one thing I know for sure, EXERCISE KEEPS ME SANE OVER SUMMER! It also means I don’t have that horrible end of summer slump that makes getting back into exercise in September an uphill struggle.

In my video I share:

  • Know your WHY for fitting exercise in over the summer
  • What is your attitude and mindset?
  • How I fit things in and what I do when I’m off with the kids and also when I’m working
  • Something is better than nothing
  • What I do when I’m on holiday


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